Meizu 7.9inch Tablet PC Will Come out Next Month


Earlier before, Meizu will hold the concert next month which will release a new smartphone in Meizu Meilan series, but right now it seems there should be Meizu Tablet PC to meet us next month. Currently, a netizen has exposed two real photos that should be Meizu Tablet pc. It is said it will be equipped with 7.9 inch screen, and released officially on December. It is estimated to sell officially before Chinese New Year.


According to the real photos, there is no special in the appearance, and it has no physical home button under the screen. but there is a front camera on the top central of the front design. It seems it will have black and white two colors. Meanwhile, Meizu Tablet PC will come with 7.9inch screen, 102mm×172mm dimension, and 16:9 screen to body ratio. As for other specs like screen resolution, processor, storage, camera, battery, etc have been not unveiled.


Due to the old theme of Meizu platform, many users suspects the reliability. But on October 17, Meizu held Meizu Flyme 2016 Autumn festival to claim Meizu has developed Flyme Tablet OS and Flyme TV OS. Meanwhile, Meizu tv box has been released, so Meizu Tablet PC is close to release.


If so, Meizu Tablet PC should come with Flyme tablet OS based on Flyme 5 OS. It will be compatible with many features to adapt to the screen size and operation and it has enhanced the multi-interaction function to improve the efficiency.

Therefore, Meizu will hold new product press conference next month which will prove the Meizu Tablet PC coming, as for release date, they haven’t leaked it. Stay tuned.


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