Meizu CEO Confirms Meizu Pro 7 Will Not Be Four Curved Screen Smartphone


Today it makes Meizu fans happy that after the forum for staff has been back, and Huang Zhang announced on its official Weibo that he will work for Meizu again, and Meizu has shown their passion and happiness about his support.

For old Meizu fans, Huang Zhang will bring some change after he is in charge of Meizu. Look back to 2016, although they got two victory in sales and profit, the design and processor for most models are always same which makes Meizu fans unsatisfied.  This time Huang Zhang will recreate Meizu smartphone which must redefine MX smartphone.

Currently, most users are expecting high-end smartphone, Meizu Pro 7, but according to previous news, the phone supervised by Huang Zhang is not Meizu Pro 7, and the dual four curved flagship smartphone unveiled before should be the high-end flagship unreleased now. After this smartphone exposed, Huang Zhang claims clearly that they will release it until the real valuable curved screen function shows up, so the dual four curved screen phone should be an engineering phone

According to this product line, Meizu high-end smartphone in the near future will come with curved screen, but Meizu takes seriously about the practice of curved screen. They will not follow the current tendency to neglect users’ experience.


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