Meizu E3 Upgrade Flyme 7 Experience: AI Makes It Fast Like Flagship Smartphone


Meizu E3 is the latest model that was launched by Meizu and it is one of its strongest rivals in the home market. Meizu E3 has been almost fast as the flagship model since the upgrade of the new Flyme 7.

After a “full screen” year, it was the next year of “face recognition”. After the upgrade of Fyme 7, Meizu E3 also had face unlock function. It was joined by the world’s leading artificial intelligence platform company. Into the intelligent face unlock program, and the identification process is fast as 0.1 seconds, is indeed the most anticipated function of the Flyme 7 OS.

Another function is the night mode. After our tests on multiple APPs, it should be applied to all APPs as officially stated. It is indeed very practical and can be said to reduce eye irritation in the real sense at night. At the same time, Meizu E3 has also added video real-time beauty, so that we can also carry out the video with people.

After Meizu E3 upgraded the Flyme 7, the most obvious change was the silky smooth. In fact, this benefited from the new interconnected artificial intelligence “OneMine”.

In addition, the new APP second startup scheme has increased the response speed of the entire system by 2 to 3 times, and it has become more effective in application opening and installation. After opening a browser, it is loaded and entered almost instantaneously. As for system applications, it is certainly so fast.

After the Flyme 7 was upgraded, the new game-specific memory solution enabled the performance of the Meizu E3 to be further enhanced. In addition to the significant increase in game read speed, we also fully exploited the game performance of Meizu E3 through multi-core and multi-threading technology.

We set the highest picture quality and turned on the high-frame mode. We can see that the game is basically stable at around 60 frames. Occasionally falling to around 50 is normal, and its game performance has indeed improved.

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Lastly, after the Meizu E3 was upgraded to the latest Flyme 7, the performance increase like a “Gaming Phone”. It’s not too much to say that it’s too fast.

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