Meizu Flyme Beta Released Classic Mode


Today Meizu releases Flyme beta firmware, and it has only one highlight this week, namely, it has been back to Flyme classic mode. This week it has added the Flyme classic mode, users can set up it in Settings>Assistant Function> Flyme classic mode, the standard mode and classic mode can be switched freely.


Meanwhile, we can opt all apps to start classic mode, or choose one app to start it. After launching, the icon on the desktop and app interface will switch to Flyme classic mode. The reason to add Flyme classic mode is that some users is used to the old things.


Desktop Icons  Standard mode VS Classic Mode

Now Flyme classic mode includes desktop, phone, message, browser, clock, mail, calendar, note, and drawing board. There is one thing to be aware that classic mode only shows the apps in the current OS in settings. For example, if there are some models without drawing board, then it doesn’t have in the classic mode in settings, too.


Clock:  Standard mode VS Classic Mode



Calendar: Standard mode VS Classic Mode

It’s worthwhile to know that, if apps in the old version don’t start classic mode, then the classic mode will close in default after upgrading int the new version. If parts of apps in the old version starts the classic mode, then those apps will open after upgrading the new version. Download here.


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