Meizu Flyme Beta Version Officially Releases Today(ROM Download)


Today Meizu Flyme has officially announced its latest Flyme Beta test, the version is beta,  this update has included Pro series, MX series, and Meilan series, etc. Meizu Flyme6.7.3.28 Beta Version has added some new features, such as typewriting of English imagination, adjusting note fonts size, launching ‘Developer option’, two fingers sliding notification and others.

Updating recording function adjustment
Optimize notification, judge accurately according to important news or not.
Enhance showing the notification of low power first
Adjust Trigger mode of ‘Developer option’, enable safer and more effective operation. The original ‘Anti-wrong touching’, ‘Smart leather case’, ‘mCharge quick charge’, ‘ Proximity sensor calibration’, ‘Gravity sensor and gyro calibration’, all have moved to the option of ‘auxiliary function’.

Trigger route: Settings-About Phone-Click the version number in 7 times continuously.
Close route: Settings-App management-All-Setting-Clear data

Optimized option
Add Optimized option App, creating better and superior life

Add English imagination function, improving typing efficiency without forgetting long words.

Issues Improvement
Thanks for Meizu fans using and feedback, the new version has fixed the issues as follow. Hope you can update with better experience.

Optimize experience of ‘Smart leather case’, allow to launch free hands off function anytime.
Adjust fonts color, you can see words clearly even under white locking.
Adjust relative logic of storage value and fix abnormal issue after locking.
Improve accuracy of system time display, and optimize automatically calibration logic.
After fixing and turning off multi-tasking showing way, it can still show under the landscape mode.
Fix the abnormal phenomenon of flashlight setting.
Fix the icon of desktop disappear but still able to click.
Fix to launch ‘Ultra large simple mode’ to enter Number, click one by one to show wrong issue.
Fix some models can’t use fingerprint scanner for unlocking after using QQ music.


Optimize contacts imerge, improve imerging accuracy with same given name.


Re-adjust interface logic, improve handwriting option or deleting operation.
Optimize the wrong issue of typewriting under some scene.

Find phone
Optimize the downloading speed of data under ‘phone-Lost mode’, obtaining the smartphone you are searching.

Downloading management
Improving operation responding speed, making file sorting display in time.
Optimize the accuracy of file parsing, avoiding tasks completed to appear unresponsive or unable to open.

Reading e-books
Optimize app stability, avoid flash back to interrupt your reading.

Optimize comments displaying effect, improve checking efficiency.
Suspended player, ‘off’ optimization control
Optimize selection of offline video and details page list

ROM Download here


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