Meizu Flyme beta Version Updates Today (Download Here)


Today Meizu has released the update version of Flyme beta, the highlights of this update includes that pop up self-adaptive volume option according to current situation to judge, add ‘screenshot sound effect’ switch, the calendar adds the festival background, etc.

Upgrading Instruction

During updating or using procedure, if there is any issue, you can make feedback according to ‘User help’ in app. Meizu MX4/Meizu note, Meizu M5 users need to log in Flyme community to make feedback.

By smartphones to get system update, it is safe and reliable, which will not account for the storage, and it will not occur the lost of data.

It takes about 20 minutes to update, please click ‘Upgrade’ button and then wait patiently, please don’t press the power button, volume button to avoid new interference.
During updating period, the phone will automatically re-switch on, there will be a little heat issue, which is normal.

Function Adjustment
Each function will take much efforts, in order to bring more surprise for Meizu fans. This time, it has optimized a lot for Meizu Pay. There are other updating features below.

pop up self-adaptive volume option according to current situation to judge.
add ‘screenshot sound effect’ switch
Optimize notification container order such as the display logic of wifi list, low battery power notification


Add festival image.

One Mind
Be used to your sleep time and do smart work or study.

Phone manager

Optimize ‘Power Consumption ‘ interface.


Issues Solution
The new version has fixed the issues below.

Fix the issue to show two short-cut switch keys in the notification bar.
Fix the issue to optimize the apps after every switch-on.
Fix the issue to switch on suddenly, and then stuck in the interface of Flyme balloon.


Solve the issue to launch equalizer to show abnormal buttons.

File management
Fix the issue that the video in the root directory doesn’t show in the classification of the menu.


Fix the issue of opening the apps to flash out.

Flyme beta Version is suitable for following models. Just download according to your needs.

PRO 6 Plus(Flyme beta)
MX4 Pro(Flyme beta)
MX5(Flyme beta)
MX4(Flyme beta)
Meizu M5S(Flyme beta)
Meizu X(Flyme beta)
Meizu M5(Flyme beta)
Meizu U10(Flyme beta)
Meizu U20(Flyme beta)
Meizu M3s(Flyme beta)
Meizu M3(Flyme beta)
Meizu M2 Public version(Flyme beta)
Meizu M2 CDMA version(Flyme beta)
Meizu Metal Public version(Flyme beta)
Meizu M2 Note(Flyme beta)
Meizu M2 Note CDMA version(Flyme beta)
Meizu Note public version(Flyme beta)



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