Meizu Flyme 6 Based on Android 7.0 OS Version Officially Releases


Today Meizu officially releases Flyme beta version, the biggest highlight is that parts of models can upgrade to Android 7.0/7.1. They are Meizu Pro 6 Plus, Pro 6, Pro 6s, Pro 5, Meizu MX6, M3E, MAX, M5 Note and Meizu M3 Note. Although Meizu MX5, MX4, MX4 Pro, MX, U20, U10, M5S, M5, M3, M3S, M2 Public version, M2 CDMA version, M2 Note, M2 Note CDMA, Note public version, Metal public version can also upgrade to Flyme beta version, the inner core of the system has not been upgraded.

According to Flyme official, after upgrading Android 7.0/7.1 inner core, its system updating speed and app install speed will be improved greatly.

Upgrading Instruction:
1.Because it is the first Android N Beta, it may have heat issue, power consumption, functions or other issues under some circumstance.
2. The smartphone preinstalled apps need to upgrade to the latest versions before your system upgrading, or after upgrading to Android N, it will have apps flash out issue.
3.App split screen function based on Android N only support QQ and Wechat temporarily, so before upgrading, just backup your other data.
4.Due to using Android N original split screen solution, QQ, Taibao don’t support split screen.
5.Meizu Pro 5 and Meizu M3 Note upgrade from Android5.1 to Android7.0 OS, the fingerprint scanner has not good experience.
6. During the test, Meizu M3 Note can be back to Flyme previous versions, so official site temporarily lists off  previous versions.
7. Meizu M3E users need to download the system by manual, go to official site to download the right beta version, they will have Android N public version later.


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