Meizu Flyme 6 Beta Version 9.19 Update (Download ROM Here)


Today Meizu Flyme 6 beta version has got latest update, new version has adjusted system resource allocation strategy, improving system performance, its official claimed it will be faster anytime anywhere. This time the update is based on Android N to be compatible with nine phones and Meizu E2 based on Android M.

1.Performance improve
Adjust system resource allocation strategy.

2.Issues improve
Fix the issues existing in last version, such as launch speed slowly, screen black temporarily, etc.

Functions adjustment
Optimize system resource allocation strategy, improving system stability and fluency completely.
About game scene, the resource will adjust, improve the frame rate and performance during playing games to make game play faster.
Under high FPS, it automatically tightens policy, reducing phone power consumption, heat issue, etc.

Issues improvement
Fix stuck issue when phone ring or message notification plays
Fix QQ notification without reminding in notification and locked screen.
Fix losing frames, stuck issue when messages pop out.
Fix logging split screen app to flash out.
Fix the split screen account content in disorder
Solve setting multi-tasking to show blurring effect
Fix the issue to switch on/off automatically without taking effect, switching off and then can not switch on automatically.
Solve the issue under standby
Solve issue that parts of models can not charge full
Solve the issue that under lost mode, still get into Recovery
Solve the issue that parts of models can not use fingerprint scanner under locked screen.

Phone call
Fix the issue that the phone call voice is small, and the quality to call is bad
Fix the issue to adjust the phone call voice in abnormal case
Fix the issue under mobile network to read news, it reminds not to connect the network
Fix parts of models can not tell SIM card
Fix Meizu Pro 5, Meizu Pro 6 Plus can not tell NFC and SIM card issue.

Fix launching speed slowly,  and black screen shortly when launching.

Fix playing video offline and online without stuck issue
Solve the issue to send notification after turn off the video notification

Download ROM Below:
PRO 6 Plus(Flyme beta) Here
PRO 6s(Flyme beta) Here
PRO 6(Flyme beta) Here
PRO 5(Flyme beta) Here
MX6(Flyme beta) Here
Meizu Max(Flyme beta) Here
Meizu E(Flyme beta) Here
Meizu m5 note(Flyme beta) Here
Meizu M3 Note(Flyme beta) Here
Meizu M2E(Flyme beta)Here


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