Meizu Flyme 7 Experience Edition Beta Has Update “Special Optimization”


Today, the Meizu Flyme 7 experience version is ushered in the August 7, 2018 update, version number: Flyme beta. The new version mainly optimizes the lock screen pictorial rotation logic and fixes multiple usage exceptions. this update of the Android security patch optimized the Meizu Note 6 game performance.

This update applies to models:

This update is applicable to models: 15 Plus/15/M15/PRO 7 Plus/PRO 7 High Edition/PRO 7 Standard Edition/ Charm Blue Note6/ Charm Blue E3. System-level adjustment, M15, PRO 7 Standard Edition, Charm Blue E3 update Android security patch to improve mobile phone security.

Meizu Service

The PRO 7 series and 15 Plus add the Meizu service app to improve the service quality and accompany the exclusive housekeeper.

Theme Landscaping

Optimize the rotation logic of the lock screen pictorial to enhance the browsing experience.

Intelligent screen

The image recognition function has been temporarily removed due to problems affecting the use. Please be patient and wait for the repair.


Solve the problem that some desktop models do not display the desktop bottom bar icon.

After the notification of the notification bar is cleared, the desktop red dot does not disappear.

Night mode

Solve the problem that the desktop application name cannot be seen in the easy mode.

Notification and status bar

Fix the phenomenon that the status bar icon is too large when downloading ‘TouchPal input method’.

Fix the phenomenon that the wireless, portable hotspot, Bluetooth and other icons of some models do not match the actual ones.


Solve the problem that some models can’t connect to Bluetooth.

Solve some models to watch the ‘Penguin E-sports’ live broadcast screen problem.

Fix settings can still receive calls after blocking all harassing calls.

Fix Open the browser app to see the phenomenon of English prompts appearing in the news.

Gesture Navigation (Charming Blue E3)

Solve the problem that the occasional gesture is not sensitive.

Solve the problem of vibration when calling out multitasking.

Solve the problem that one-click cleanup will enter the first card application page after the desktop calls out multitasking.

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Upgrade Instructions

Any problems encountered during the update or use can be fed back via the ‘User Help’ app.

System updates obtained through mobile phone push are safe and reliable and do not occupy storage space.

The update takes about 10 minutes. Please be patient. Do not press the phone button during the process to avoid interference.

During the update, the phone will restart automatically, and the small amount of heat associated with it is normal, so don’t worry.

The system update part change description may vary depending on the version, model or network operator, please forgive me.

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