Meizu Flyme 7 Experience Version 10.30 Released! Must Be Upgraded


Meizu Flyme officially revealed in the headline account today that the Flyme 7 experience version will usher in a new version next week, and the system upgrade will cover 8 models. At that time, new features of games and security will be launched, and the fans will be looking forward to it. Today’s Flyme 7 latest experience version officially pushed to 8 models of Meizu. Next, Xiaobian will take you to understand the little surprise of this upgrade:

The new game mode 3.0 has added the “Firepower Full” feature. When the user runs the game, it automatically switches the game’s high-performance mode and allocates the optimal resource strategy to set the network’s highest priority for the game to ensure the game’s enjoyable experience.

In addition, Game Mode 3.0 also supports more chat application barrage notifications, and small windows can open more different types of applications. At the same time, the game call quality is optimized, the game brightness can be intelligently locked, and the remaining gameplay time can be intelligently calculated so that the game experience of the player is more comfortable and smarter.

Compared with the previous version, the new Fun Beat 2.0 has a richer skin filter, sticker, and sound effects. The charms are free to choose the effect you like to take a selfie or take a photo to meet the needs of more female users. Photo needs.

In terms of functions, the fun shoot also added a short video capture function of up to 10 seconds, allowing users to play their brains to produce exciting video content.

Understanding Meizu’s friends should not be unfamiliar to mBack. The most iconic interaction design in the history of Flyme began to evolve with the arrival of the full screen. The new Super mBack small strip was officially launched with the release of Meizu 16. This updated Flyme 7 experience version fits the small horizontal bar to the Charm Blue E3, allowing more users to experience quality interaction.

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In addition to the full decentralization of the above heavyweight features, this week’s Flyme 7 trial version has been adjusted and optimized for the details. It is reported that this experience version will be adapted to include 8 models including Meizu 15 series, PRO 7 series and Charm Blue series. The charm friends who want to experience the first time will quickly go to Flyme to update.

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