Meizu Flyme 7 Is Expected to Join Student Mode and Its Inner Beta Test Has Begun


The slogan of Meizu Flyme 7 is “make the experience better”, this sentence may also apply to parents as a user. Today, just 4 days before the debut of the Meizu Flyme 7 OS, Meizu once again release a teaser to promote the new system.

In this poster, “The Jedi fight back to defend your right to speak” and “My child’s game first… want to leave the parent group chat?” should be suggesting that parental control mode will be added to this system. to prevent kids from overly addictive games.

In addition, in the introduction of Meizu yesterday, we also learned that this system will bring about a “dark mode” that is conducive to reading at night, and can be “black and white.” At the same time, Meizu Flyme community has also officially launched the new Flyme 7 internal survey recruitment activities, interested small partners can look at.

Meizu Flyme 7 Internal Beta Test Has Started

Yesterday, Flyme officials released a teaser, “The real good can create better. Tomorrow, come for you” clearly implies the arrival of Flyme 7. And just today, Flyme officially opened the Flyme 7 internal measurement channel, welcomed the Meizu registration application.

Flyme’s previous closed beta was usually after the system officially unveiled the press conference. However, this time, the internal testing activity was one step ahead. For Flyme, this is actually a very confident call. This time, Flyme opened the closed beta channel before the press conference, not only considering the information that the Meizu Fans waited anxiously but also showed confidence in the new version on the other hand.

In order to permit the enchanted Friends to register successfully, the Flyme official Weibo also released a long-term screenshot of the Raiders this morning. those who want to participate in the Flyme 7 beta can participate in the online beta according to the official closed beta. Get your phone prepared and welcome the new system. the specific operation is as follows:

One thing to note here is that thanks to different registration channels, there may be different entries into the registration page. Open in the Flyme Community App, click on the home banner to enter the registration page. Enter the registration page from the browser, click “Register Now”, and click “Allow” to jump into the Flyme Community Application. after entering the registration page, you can submit your application.

The number of closed betas is limited, but the higher the level of support is, the greater the chance of passing the review. after the audit is passed, you’ll receive OTA system update. Specific update time and internal measurement models shall be announced at the press conference.

From the comments of the Flyme community and officials, we can see that the Meizu Fans is very excited about the opening of the Flyme 7 internal testing activities, and the enthusiasm for registration is very high. The mood of the prestigious users is evident, although the final model of the specific release time will not be announced until the conference. On April 22, let us look forward to the fantastic experience brought by Flyme 7.

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