Meizu Flyme 8 Release official Announced August 28!


Meizu Technology announced that it will host Meizu 16s Pro’s flagship mobile phone conference on August 28th. Meizu’s official invitation letter was in the form of a newspaper, which left a deep impression on everyone. Today, the IT House has received a “Meizu Headline” newspaper, but this time the focus has become Flyme 8.

Since the announcement of the Flyme 8 news, netizens have been on the road to the reminder, there are Lewen Hooke-style netizens who have found the hint information of Flyme 8. Now, Flyme 8 is really coming.

Meizu reviewed Flyme 1 to Flyme 7 in the newspaper and said that the Flyme user has reached 90 million. In the end, Meizu mentioned “8” for you. The time is the Meizu 16s Pro conference on August 28.

Not long ago, Weibo certified company released part of the interface diagram of Flyme 8 for Meizuo’s @Weibo. According to Guo Taotao, Flyme 8 adopts the “ go-to line white ” design. Guo Taotao said, “In the case of Flyme 6 in order to make the design better serve the content, we tried to apply this concept in the content; in the subsequent Flyme 7 version, we made further optimization and adjustment, and the way of leaving the white paper extended to more Multi-scene; in the next new version of Flyme 8, the “go-to white” design will run through more of the system’s scenes, removing the extra split lines, making the interface lighter and easier to focus on.”

Earlier this month, the slashleaks broke the new UI interface of the suspected Flyme 8 system. From the spy photos, the icon design style was re-returned, and the navigation bar and status bar were also adjusted.

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According to the information currently known, Meizu will open a special conference for Flyme 8 on August 28th.

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