Meizu Flyme 8th Anniversary: Flyme 8 Based on Android 10 is now in private beta


Meizu Flyme is celebrating its eighth anniversary. Officials say Flyme will unlock surprises every day until June 25 as part of Flyme’s eighth anniversary special.

Meizu announced that Flyme based on Android 10 will be available for private beta starting from July 21. In addition to Meizu 17 series , other 10 models are currently being applied to show up like 16S Pro, 16S, 16T, 16th Plus, 16th XS, 16X, Note9 and Note8 X8.

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Flyme now has more than 100 million users. Therefore, will you have a try to upgrade your Meizu phone to Android 10 OS to enjoy some features in advance.


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