Meizu Flyme 9 is Released: Privacy Protection is Upgraded


Meizu officially released the Flyme 9 system. Meizu claims that the system, as a medium for users to interact with mobile phones, is the soul of user experience. Looking back, every generation of Flyme is classic. Flyme uses simple and elegant design and innovative and practical functions to create the ultimate experience for users.

Flyme 9 focuses on lightness and order, bringing simplified visual elements, a unified design language, and a new design notification centre. Also, Flyme 9 features novelty and richness and supports screen display and Alive wallpaper. Flyme 9 also supports Zhiyi animation.

Meizu officials stated that we often grant many permissions when we use mobile phones daily. A lot of information can be obtained by the application even without authorization. Today, the privacy protection capabilities have been significantly upgraded on Flyme 9, bringing users four magic weapons to protect privacy.

Guardian sceptre: ①Notify authorization inquiry: open the application for the first time, the system notifies authorization and asks whether to allow the application to send notifications. ②Network authorization inquiry: Before the application uses network authorization, the user’s consent is required. ③Local network authorization: All applications scanning the local network require the user’s consent in advance. ④AI interception: intelligently recognize application startup behaviour, start it normally, and intercept malicious startup; if the user’s real intention cannot be accurately known, the user is asked, and the user decides.

All-seeing Hawkeye: ① Application behaviour record: Complete record of all behaviours. There are more than 30 behaviours under 14 categories, including camera, recording, positioning, contacts, etc. ②Sensitive behaviour reminder: Whether it is in the foreground or the background, once the sensitive authority is invoked, a striking reminder will be given in real-time, click to view the detailed record. ③App management suggestions: Regularly summarize the behaviour history of apps and sort out relevant suggestions to help you manage apps more easily. ④ Application express: Multi-interface display operation, clearly display the application name.

Invisible Magic Boots: ① Positioning authorization: When the application applies for positioning permission, you can choose to refuse/allow it only when you use it or only allow it to be used once. ②Fuzzy positioning: The fuzzy positioning function based on differential privacy technology only allows the app to access the approximate location, greatly reducing the accuracy of the location information being obtained. ③Photo privacy management: When the app tries to read the picture, the system asks whether it is allowed to read the picture—private information. After you choose to decline, the application can only read the photo and not obtain private information.

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Secret cloak: ①Empty information authorization: Optional authorization to read blank information on the application. ②Clipboard privacy protection: The application is refused to read or write to the clipboard automatically. The application is allowed to access the clipboard only if it is manually copied and pasted. ③Mobile phone storage: Start a more comprehensive and strict sandbox mechanism, and each application can only access files within a specified range. ④Limited access to the gallery: which one to post and which one to authorize; when the application reads the photo, we will also give an obvious reminder. ⑤Limited file access: When the application accesses the file directory, you also need to ask for your consent one by one, and there is a real-time reminder. ⑥File deletion protection: When the application deletes a photo or file, the system will immediately pop up a prompt to help you save it in time.

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