Meizu Flyme Version Update Beta: Voice Assistant Upgrade, And More


Meizu Flyme experience version updated on January 20, version number Flyme beta, the new version of mobile phone butler support Tencent Wang card traffic monitoring, voice assistant, intelligent screen Improve operational efficiency.

Update log:

Voice assistant

New interface interaction, new voice suspension effect, providing quick service such as making calls, sending WeChat, querying routes, etc.

Optimized voice wake-up mode, full-screen model support power button wake-up, non-full screen model can be awakened by long press the main button

Intelligent screen

  • Increase music recognition logic to accurately identify singers, songs, etc., while supporting fast jumps to play music
  • Note: If the phone has installed the cool music app, you can jump to the client to play.
  • Support to identify the mobile phone number in the picture and speed dial, easy to call without error
  • Access Baidu translation, support the selection of text for translation and copy the results, accurate and convenient

Phone Guardian

Automatically identify Tencent King card according to a mobile phone number, support traffic monitoring, non-streamless application, prohibit network, etc.


  • Expand the image capacity at any time, and support the adjustment of video cover, title, and music, etc.
  • System

Adjust the function to quickly call out, slide out the global search on the desktop, slide out the personal assistant on the first screen, and use each gesture to reduce the single point operation.

Meizu 16 series, Meizu 15, Meizu 15 Plus added a new spring screen display, let the interesting screen more personalized

Meizu 16th Plus gives full play to the engine hardware features and eats chicken games to support the vibration of the gun to create a more exciting gaming experience. Currently supported mobile games include: Jedi survival: stimulating the battlefield, Jedi survival: the whole army attack and wilderness action three

Set the path: Game Assistant – Game Vibration – Set Vibration Hot Zone – Save (When the vibration hot zone is touched and there is a gunshot in the game, the vibration can be triggered. It is recommended to set the vibration hot zone in the left and right fire key areas)

Problem improvement

  • Solve the problem that the recording screen cannot set the resolution
  • Solve the problem that the red envelope prompt tone does not match the set prompt tone
  • Solve the problem of WeChat avatar receiving the new message without prompt tone
  • Fix the driver assistance setting page to display an abnormal phenomenon
  • Fix the return to the gallery folder after setting the wallpaper in the gallery, the folder shows abnormal phenomenon

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