Meizu Folding Screen Patent Unveiled Best Rival of Xiaomi MI Note 2 Curved Screen


Today Xiaomi has finally announced its Xiaomi MI Note 2 dual curved screen to be released on October 25. In fact, there were the bending screen photos and video about new Xiaomi smartphone have been unveiled and shared crazily. As the best rival of Xiaomi, Meizu also has taken action about its folding screen.


Right now, the patent about Meizu foldable screen has been unveiled by netizens. According to the page, it showed Meizu has applied for this patent on August 4, and the name of the patent is the flexible display device. The patent number is 201610634752.2.

According to its description, the patent is a foldable device equipment, the appearance looks like phone case, and it is covered with flexible display to support flipping. Until now, we don’t know which product Meizu will use this kind of screen.


But from the renowned expert @Mocha on Weibo, he said besides Xiaomi MI Note 2, VIVO Play series will also have a curved screen product, so does Huawei, it should be Huawei Mate S2. We can estimate that the flexible and curved screen will be the tendency in the near future. Stay tuned.


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