Meizu Launches Another Smartphones Memory Expansion Program Starting at $29


In the month of May 2019, Meizu had launched its first memory upgrade activity which was started from 199 yuan. A really nice service, available to Chinese users who need more space on their device. Today, the company has introduced another similar program that allows users to increase the storage capacity on their smartphone, this time Meizu added 12 models and 30 service support outlets.

Currently, the company has shared a list of 24 smartphone models that are part of this program. The pricing for the memory expansion program starts at 199 yuan, which roughly converts to $28.92.

For upgrading the storage capacity from 16GB to 32GB, the company supports 6 smartphone models, which include Meizu U20, 5s, 5, Note5, Note6 and Meizu 6. This upgrade is priced at 199 yuan (about $28.92).

The storage on the Meizu Pro 6, Meizu X, Note5, Meizu E2, and Note8 can be upgraded from 32GB to 64GB for 249 yuan (approximately $36). On the other hand, the Meizu Note5, Note6’s storage can also be upgraded from 16GB to 64GB for 299 yuan (approximately $43).

For expanding storage from 64GB to 128, the company supports 8 models the costing for Meizu 16X, Meizu 8X, Note9, and Meizu E3 is 299 yuan (equal to $43.46), upgrade cost for the other 4 models includes Meizu 15, PRO 7 Plus, Meizu 16th, Note9 (4+64) and Meizu 15 Plus is 399 yuan (approximately $58).

The storage on the Meizu X8 (4+64) can be upgraded from 64GB to 128GB for 499 yuan (approximately $72.50). On the other hand, the Meizu 16th Plus (8+128)’s storage can also be upgraded from 128GB to 256GB for 599 yuan (approximately $87). For upgrading the storage capacity from 6+128 to 8+256 upgrade is priced at 799 yuan (about $116).

Those who are interested to get their smartphone’s storage capacity increased can take the benefit of this program from today to 17th July The company is calling this Meizu Memory Upgrade Experience Month.

Users can take their smartphone to the 30 designated Meizu Authorized Service Centers where the company will directly replace the original motherboard. The program seems to be currently limited to China only and is unlikely to expand to other regions.

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