Meizu M3E vs Xiaomi Redmi Pro Smartphone


Xiaomi and Meizu has released the latest model in the low-end brand, right now they also announced the mid-range or high-end smartphones, for example, Meizu today announced Meizu M3E in Meilan range, and Xiaomi has also released Redmi Pro for a few days. But this time Meizu M3E only sells at 1299 yuan, $200. So which one will you choose? According to the contrast, there will be answer.



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Meizu M3E is similar to Xiaomi Redmi Pro both with metal unibody and antenna, but Redmi Pro uses metal wire drawing process, but Meizu m3E anodic oxidation.


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Both are 5.5inch 1080p screen, but Redmi Pro uses OLED, Mei M3E LCD.




Redmi Pro has RAM 3GB and RAM 4GB, ROM 32GB, ROM 64GB, ROM 128GB many options, powered by Helio X20, Helio X25 processor, but Meizu M3E only has RAM 3GB ROM 32GB, powered by Helio P10 Octa core processor.


Meizu M3E has 3100mAh battery, but it can support up to 18WK quick charge. But Redmi Pro has the latest USB Type C port.


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Xiaomi Redmi Pro is equipped with 13MP dual rear camera and 5MP front camera. But Meizu thinks dual rear camera will cost higher and there is no big use, so they still uses single rear camera, and the rear camera still adopts 13MP Sony IMX258 camera like Redmi Pro.

Other function

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They both use fingerprint ID on the front to press, but Meizu M3E has mTouch function to support Alipay and Wechat payment.




Meizu M3E runs Flyme OS based on YunOS, the highlight is that it can control the car, but Redmi Pro uses MIUI 8.


Right now they both have been released, Meizu M3E sells at 1299 yuan, around 200 usd official price.but Redmi Pro at 1499 yuan, $250 official price, so do you know which one should choose now? By the way, you can enjoy 4% off coupon code: 4AndroidPhones at $201.59 instead of $209.99 now for Meizu M3E .


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