Meizu M5 VS Meizu M3 Note Review, Which is better?


Meizu has released Meizu M5 at 699 yuan, $110, in terms of price, it is similar to Meizu M3 Note . So what’s the difference between Meizu M5 and Meizu M3 Note? And which one is more worthwhile to purchase? We will compare with Meizu M5 and Meizu M3 Note.

Meizu M5 VS Meizu M3 Note Specs comparison


According to specs comparison, Meizu M5 and Meizu M3 Note both have two versions, standard version and advanced version, they have 100 yuan, $20 price gap.

Besides price difference, Meizu M5 and Meizu M3 Note also have difference in screen, processor, battery, material, etc. And others are almost same. Let’s compare their design, performance, battery, price four aspects.

Which one is more beautiful, Meizu M5 and Meizu M3 Note?

Although Meizu M3S is the new model of Meizu M5, it doesn’t use all metal body like Meizu M3S, but still adopting Polycarbonate plastic material maily for fashionable color.

In terms of experience, Meizu M5 has nice design.which is similar to Iphone 5C. The bottom pole and other details have used CNC cutting craftsmanship.


Meizu M5

Meizu M5 is equipped with 2.5D curved glass, and semi-circular Home button at the bottom with fingerprint scanner. but Meizu M3S doesn’t support fingerprint scanner, Meizu M5 comes with five colors to meet different customers’ needs. In general, Meizu M5 is a nice and beautiful entry smartphone.


Meizu M5

Meizu M3 Note uses metal body with 2.5D curved screen and fingerprint scanner under the screen on the home button with three color. In the back, Meizu M3 Note uses the common three-step design with high gloss T style antenna design which can be regarded as the most beautiful smartphone below $150.


Meizu M3 Note


Meizu M3 Note

According to design comparison, Meizu M3 Note is bigger than Meizu M5, in terms of beauty, they both have nice performance, Meizu M5 highlights is the multi-color, but Meizu M3 Note is in metal body. If we must say which one is more beautiful, we think Meizu M3 Note with metal body will have more visual effect.


When referring to the smartphone performance, we compare the Antutu test to see. Meizu M3 Note and Meizu M5 both are powered by Helio processor, but different model, they both will have performance difference. So which one is better?

Meizu M5 is powered by MT6750 Octa core processor, RAM 2GB/3GB and ROM 16GB/32GB internal storage. According to Antutu software, check the scores as follow.


Meizu M3 Note Antutu


Meizu m5 antutu

Meizu M3 Note is a little more stronger than Meizu M5 in performance. but this two smartphones have not so powerful performance compared with other smartphones. Currently, the flagship smartphone of Android is over 160,000 points, the mid-range smartphones have over 60,000 points. So Meizu M5 and Meizu M3 Note both belong to the mid-range or low-end level, which can play common games without much pressure.

Battery, Price

In terms of battery, Meizu M3 Note is 1000mAh higher than Meizu M5, but they have only 0.3inch screen size gap, and one level gap in screen resolution. According to test, Meizu M5 can support one day working in middle range use. But it can support one day and half a day to two days working for light use. Meizu M3 Note can support one day battery life under mid-range use, but can last two day use in light use. So in terms of battery life, Meizu M3 Note is more excellent.  It is a little pity that Meizu M3 Note and Meizu M5 don’t support quick charge.

As for price, Meizu M5 and Meizu M3 Note both have standard version and advanced version, only 100 yuan, $20 gap.


In comprehensive comparison,  there is some difference, the advantage of Meizu M3 Note is ripe metal body, and more powerful performance, In addition, the battery life is also better. But Meizu M5 has the advantage such as more colors, and cheaper price. They both have their own features, but minor difference. So which one is better? In terms of screen, if you like smaller screen, then choose Meizu M5, but if you enjoy larger screen, better performance, we highly recommend Meizu M3 Note.


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