Meizu M5S Rendering Photos Leaked, Will it Come Out Next Month?


Although Meizu M5 has not been released for a long time, it seems it will have the new version, according to a netizen on Weibo, Meizu will have a new smartphone released before this year without accident. Right now there is no other information leaked, but it may be Meizu M5S. And a netizen has also leaked the renderings in the forum that Meizu M5S will use metal body and redesigned the receiver and front camera, it should meet us before Chinese New Year.


Currently, we have no idea about its reality, but Meizu has the new phone approved by 3C certification in fact, it should be Meizu M612M and Meizu M612Q. Because this two models are similar to Meizu M5, it will be the other version, Meizu M5S.


This new Meizu phone has changed to use metal body, three step back design, but the front design still uses semi-circular button and integrated fingerprint scanner, but the receiver on the forehead has changed to top place.There is a front camera below the receiver which is different from other Meizu smartphones.


In addition, if Meizu M5S will be released, it will be upgraded in its hardware, such as Helio P10 processor, RAM 3GB, etc.  M612Q and M612M considered as Meizu M5S will be produced by Shenzhen factories. The former has approved by Radio transmitting type to support netcom function. In addition, this two models possibly comes with the power adapter, UP0920 smilar to Meizu M3E to support 5V or 9V 2A and 18W power rate.


But right now Meizu has not promoted this new phone. We believe there will be more news about Meizu M612Q and Meizu M612M from TENAA, then we will know the difference between Meizu M5S, Meizu M5 and Meizu M5 Note. Stay tuned.


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