Meizu M6 Note VS Xiaomi MI 5X Design, Camera, Hardware, Battery Review


Meizu and Xiaomi are the representatives of Chinese smartphone manufacturer, which has high popularity. With the announcement of Xiaomi MI5X and Meizu M6 Note, they become rivals for each other. So we may be very curious about which one is better?

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They both are popular with dual rear camera, so let’s make a battle between their camera.

First Meizu M6 Note has 12MP main camera and 5MP secondary back camera, F/1.9 aperture, Sony IMX362 sensor, 1.4μm, 6P Lens,the more lens it has, the more real the image is. It has 16MP front camera with nice analysis.

However, Xiaomi MI5X has dual 12MP back camera with wide angle and long zoom solution, it has 1.25μm OV12A10 sensor, and 1μm OV13880 sensor, F/2.2 aperture of wide angle and F/2.6 aperture of long zoom, aiming taking selfies.

In specs, M6 Note is better than Xiaomi MI5X in lens quantity and sensor except smaller pixel, let’s check their test about camera.

Daylight Samples (Meizu M6 Note left vs Xiaomi MI5X right)

Daylight Samples (Meizu M6 Note left vs Xiaomi MI5X right)

In daylight, under enough light, two phones have no big gap, they have accurate color restoring, and white balance. But M6 Note looks more real, MI 5X aims at improving higher brightness, sometimes it shows white and details lost.

In daylight samples, Meizu M6 Note performs well with higher color restoring, but both don’t have big gap. let’s check micro distance samples.

Micro Distance (Meizu M6 Note left vs Xiaomi MI5X right)

Micro Distance (Meizu M6 Note left vs Xiaomi MI5X right)

In Micro distance, Meizu M6 note depth of filed with F/1.9 aperture and Arcsoft blurring algorithm, after focusing accurately, the background blurring makes excellent, but Xiaomi MI5X has some difference in color, due to smaller aperture, the light-in amount is few, so the analysis has some shortcoming, compared with Meizu M6 note.

Night Sample (Meizu M6 Note left vs Xiaomi MI5X right)

Night Sample (Meizu M6 Note left vs Xiaomi MI5X right)

In night samples, Meizu M6 Note each pixel can obtain more details and few noise, thanks to 1.4µm. The light-in amount has more than Xiaomi MI 5X with 1.25μm unit pixel, besides, M6 Note Multi-frame noise reduction technology has also played its role, when enlarging the sample, we can see more pure sky, the noise is less than that of MI5X, 6P lens also make M6 Note behaves better when facing complicated light, in real test, Xiaomi MI5X shows over exposure and slower focusing speed when facing complicated light.

Front camera (Meizu M6 Note left vs Xiaomi MI5X right)

Back camera (Meizu M6 Note left vs Xiaomi MI5X right)

And then see samples of taking selfies, which one will take photos more beautifully. Meizu M6 Note has 16MP front camera with Face AE recognition and ArcSoft beautification algorithm,in samples, we can see the skin is quite white.

But Xiaomi MI5X with long zoom also can recognize human’s outline accurately to blur the background, making the human more rosy, it also has good effect.

Therefore, whether in night sample, daylight sample, or micro distance, Meizu M6 Note is better than Xiaomi mi5x.


Whether in front or back, Meizu M6 Note still uses its classic design,but it has some innovation, it adopts 5.5 inch 1080P screen, 2.5D glass, the middle of top is receiver, left is notification light and sensor. On the right is front camera. Under the screen is a mBack home button,which has good touch feeling.


And Xiaomi MI5X also has 5.5 inch 1080P screen, 2.5d glass, which looks like other brands if you hide the logo, the hidden notification light, front camera and sensor are on the top left, the width of frame control well, but it adopts three virtual buttons, and fingerprint scanner on the back.

Xiaomi MI5X adopts multi-core metal body and four R angles, bringing very sleek holding feeling. On the back it has U type antenna line, dual rear camera and Xiaomi logo. While, Meizu M6 Note adopts CNC metal cutting, which is more rigid than MI 5X, it has four LED light in the middle, dual rear camera in vertical line.

As for other details, two smartphones have similar layout in volume button, and power button. At the bottom, they both have 3.5 mm earphone jack, microphone, USB Port and speaker from left to right.

Therefore , in design, it is up to your hobby.


Meizu M6 Note and Xiaomi MI5X both are powered by Snapdragon 625 Octa core processor, RAM 4GB ROM 64GB internal storage,according to Antutu test, we can see Meizu M6 Note has got 63718 points and Xiaomi MI 5X got 62979 points, therefore, Meizu M6 Note wins over a little, the main difference is in 3D performance and UX performance.

In the game of ‘King of Glory’, Snapdragon 625 processor can play it totally, two smartphones run 30 FPS at stable rate. According to screenshot, we can see they keep within 29 FPS to 30 FPS, when group playing, M5 Note still keeps 28 to 30 FPS, Xiaomi MI 5X has big fluctuation with the phone’s temperature higher, and the game FPS suddenly is down to 24, which leads to stuck issue to affect game experience. Under same processor, Xiaomi MI 5X may have some issues.

Xiaomi MI5X Temperature

Meizu M6 Note temperature

After playing the game for two rounds, we test the temperature of the phones, Meizu M6 Note heat is in the normal range, and during playing game, it has not led to the FPS down, but Xiaomi MI5X may have FPS down. We believe with Xiaomi MIUI OS optimization, this issue will be improved soon.

Battery and Quick Charge

Meizu M6 Note vs Xiaomi MI5X 2 hours battery test

Meizu M6 Note has 4,000mAh battery, 18W mCharge, but Xiaomi MI5X has 3080mAh battery, not supporting quick charge.

Meizu M6 Note VS Xiaomi MI5X Quick charge test

In two hours battery life test, we test the game, searching the webs, watching videos online, and so on, each test uses 30 minutes, and then check their battery power. After two hours test, Xiaomi MI5X has 70% rest power, and Meizu M6 Note has 80% power rest. So Xiaomi MI5X can charge once per day, and Meizu M6 Note can charge twice per day.

About charging, Xiaomi MI5X uses 5V/2A charger, which don’t support quick charge, up to 10W power, while Meizu M6 Note has 18W mCharge quick charge, in the real test,it has very big gap,although Xiaomi MI 5X has excellent battery life, the quick charge will affect users experience especially under emergency.

Meizu M6 Note only takes 102 minutes to charge full for 4000mAh battery, but Xiaomi MI 5X takes 150 minutes to charge full for its 3080mAh battery.

In battery test, Meizu M6 Note has faster charging speed with larger battery, which is better than Xiaomi MI 5X.


We have to see Xiaomi MI5X and Meizu M6 Note both are good smartphones, but Meizu M6 Note in performance and other specs are better than MI5X, if you are looking for a good phone, which one will you choose first? You can use coupon code: X5SJ to catch Xiaomi MI 5X at $219.99.


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