Meizu M6S Review: A Stunning Smartphone with Infinite Screen and Lateral Fingerprint


Meizu, a Chinese smartphone manufacturer released the flagship newest, Meizu M6s, Wednesday (01/16/2018) at an event in Beijing. Meizu latest Smartphone features a fairly high specification at an affordable price. Meizu M6s can be called as a competitor Xiaomi Smartphone that always put forward high specifications with a fixed price cheap. The Division President of Meizu Li Nan has more than once stressed that there’s no ceiling price Meizu future, however, its 1st full-screen Smartphone continues to be the main entry-level market.

Of course, a brand can go further or rely on the product to speak. Meizu M6s additionally to the trend of using hardware to catch up with the full-screen design, but also pay time in the software layer ingenuity, the full-screen interactive upgrade to a new level, which is the reason that why Meizu was late in applying the full-screen trend. thus Meizu M6s can merit “full-screen era”? now without wasting any further time, enjoy our Meizu M6s review.

Appearance and Design

initially look, Meizu M6s full screen looks more clear, lit the screen can also bring a decent visual expertise. additionally, Meizu M6s screen corners with curved rounded design, and also the fuselage with 4-radian chamfer, even more, coordination, but also let this phone isn’t lost on the value of the same price in the competitory products.

Most full-screen Smartphone presently on the market is as much as possible in the body to place a large screen, although enhance the perception, always hold someone hand doesn’t worry, for fear that the phone will accidentally fell to the ground. Meizu M6s slightly different approach, although the same full-screen design, but it’s a 5.7-inch screen into the 5.2-inch area to accommodate the small body. thus you can simply operate it by one hand and perfectly fit in your palm.

I have a black color variant of Meizu M6s, compared to different colors, the front of the black version of the more integrated, rounded 2.5D glass, solely the top of the screen to open the hole at the earpiece, the user can bring Nice visual expertise.

At present, the design of “Full Screen + rear Fingerprint Identification” has become quite common, while Meizu obviously doesn’t need to make such a “popularization” of its 1st full-screen Smartphone. Meizu M6s fingerprint recognition module at the Department made a big breakthrough, the standard back-fingerprint recognition to more differ then side mounted fingerprint recognition.

Slightly recessed side mounted fingerprint recognition module, but also in the screen to make a certain degree of tilt angle, permitting users to hold both the left hand or right hand can find the snuggest position, so the 1st time to unlock the phone and when we place the phone flat on the desktop, side mounted fingerprinting also alleviates the awkward scenario of having to pick up the phone to unlock, undoubtedly for the user expertise is a terribly massive improvement.

Meizu M6s continues to be using the classic all-metal nano-injection process on the rear because the fingerprint recognition module is moved to the side, so the metal back shell and no extra openings, higher integration. The official claimed that the rear of the backplane with a specific type of zircon sand multiple blasting mobile back cover, resulting in a more delicate grip. top and bottom at each end of the “u shaped” antenna design, it is a Meizu regular vogue.

Overall, Meizu’s 1st full-screen Smartphone is a terribly high degree of completion of the product, a full screen of the new style did not make Meizu M6s lost the company has always been a simple design language. benefit from the design of the side mounted fingerprint, Meizu M6s look in the same price products look even more exceptional.

“Full screen 0.1” unique interaction

In the conference, Meizu launched a new “full screen 0.1” interactive mode, it seems to address the full-screen Smartphone users with one hand when the operation needs. maybe the future of Meizu’s full-screen new mobile will use a similar approach, while Meizu M6s is a stunning trend of future so that we can get a glimpse of its future product trends in a window.

Side fingerprint recognition

I believe we’ve got used a full-screen Smartphones, both for its design of ultra-high screen full of praise. However, it’s exactly because of this design that most full-screen Smartphones are forced to choose the rear openings, and sometimes because of the fingerprint recognition module and the phone back shell color difference, the loss of mobile integration.

Meizu provides a new solution, through the side mounted fingerprint recognition, to solve the problem of opening the back of the body, but also, by the way, brought a new fingerprint recognition expertise. no matter your dominant hand is left or right hand, Meizu M6s unique side mounted fingerprints slot permits you to induce smoother fingerprint to unlock expertise.

The classic “circle” is back

In the era of non-full-screen Smartphones, the “small circle” at the bottom has been wide praised by users as an interactive way and also recognized by several Meizu users. subsequent mBack new interaction, but also for the Meizu phone to bring more playability. Touchback, press the rear of the desktop operating logic has also been adopted by several friends, not difficult to examine the excellence of this interactive mode. 

Came to the full screen era, Meizu did not give up the classic, but to create a new way of interaction, the “circle” and the mBack operating logic excellent combination, evolved into “Super mBack” and the virtual “small circle” form into the screen bar, one will recognize this is the Meizu phone. additionally, the “dot” in the settings to choose their own display color, and “dot” can be set in the choice of closed, the closure of the traditional android virtual 3-button keys.

In the mode of operation, Meizu M6s’s Super mBack has also done to restore the traditional mBack operating logic. Its built-in pressure sensor, touch the “small circle” can be achieved, press the home key to achieve re-operation, and in the “small circle” on both ends of the slide, you can achieve multi-task. If you’re the previous user of Meizu Smartphones, this operation logic you want to be very acquainted.

Charm blue S6 evaluation: Thousands of full screen how to make a differenceIn addition, the Meizu also brings a new screen for the full-screen mode of operation, long press the bottom of the blank area or sliding at the bottom of the bar, you can quickly switch to select a multitasking, a range of operating methods, solely closer to your use routine.

Samsung Exynos 7872 performance in line with expectations

For the performance of entry-level handsets, the majority assume it’s good enough. However, with mobile games, live entertainment, and another increasingly popular way, an “enough” phone obviously cannot attract more people’s attention, now more powerful products will get the user’s favorite.

In order to induce more excellent performance with the price, Meizu M6s uses Samsung Exynos 7872 6-core processor equipped with 3GB of Ram. By Antutu score sub-test, the final score of 90,659 points, performed well.

Let’s take a glance at the performance of the Meizu M6s through the actual expertise. we use the presently popular hand travel “wilderness action” for testing, in the high frame rate mode, the Meizu M6s score standing is fairly stable, although there’s occasional Caton phenomenon, overall is relatively sleek.

Samsung Exynos 7872 six-core processor joined the 2 Cortex-A73 core, compared to the previous generation A72 core to enhance a lot, while power consumption reduced by 200th, and it is terribly appropriate for this price. additionally, Samsung Exynos 7872 is also a full network chip, irrespective of which network you’re using the operator, you can use the Meizu M6s sleek web browsing expertise.

Meizu M6s uses a 16MP camera, F2.0 aperture, from the data point of view quite satisfactory. thus how does this camera perform? Or let us look through samples to understand.

In Light Environment Sample

Through the proofs of view, in a well-lit environment Meizu M6s photos taken a decent impression, but some of the proofs in the color slightly dull, compared with the real scene compared to some minor variations. As for the details of the reduction of dark areas, Meizu M6s there’s a certain degree of improvement.

Samples in Zoom

In the zoom, the performance of the Meizu M6s is quite to force, the reduction of the details of the color will grasp more in place. Close-up shot of the image, the Meizu M6s 16MP rear camera played a major role, sample details retained heaps.

Night Shooting Samples

In Night shooting, Meizu M6s performance quite satisfactory, proofs there smear, purity is not high. Overall, also be considered consistent with its product positioning.

Front camera Samples

Meizu M6s uses the same price within the more advanced 8MP camera, F2.0 large aperture, allowing users to shoot excellent quality self-timer. Combined with ArcSoft’s beauty algorithm and adaptive skincare technology, Meizu M6s also produces beautiful natural beauty pictures with excellent resolution and detail.


Although the Meizu M6S screen has long been one of the most frequently exposed windows of regular life, the screen quality does not directly determine the first impression a product offers. Meizu M6s through innovative Super mBack interactive way, let us see the full-screen Smartphone is not the same experience. In addition, the ingenuity of the side mounted fingerprint recognition, but also to make this full-screen mobile phone Meizu to differentiate the road to another step forward. So the new Meizu M6s is a “made” outstanding work. Check its coupon code below:

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