Meizu M6S Review: A Stunning Smartphone with Infinite Screen and Lateral Fingerprint


Meizu, a Chinese smartphone manufacturer released the flagship newest, Meizu M6s, Wednesday (01/16/2018) at an event in Beijing. Meizu latest Smartphone features a fairly high specification at an affordable price. Meizu M6s can be called as a competitor Xiaomi Smartphone that always put forward high specifications with a fixed price cheap. The Division President of Meizu Li Nan has more than once stressed that there’s no ceiling price Meizu future, however, its 1st full-screen Smartphone continues to be the main entry-level market.

Of course, a brand can go further or rely on the product to speak. Meizu M6s additionally to the trend of using hardware to catch up with the full-screen design, but also pay time in the software layer ingenuity, the full-screen interactive upgrade to a new level, which is the reason that why Meizu was late in applying the full-screen trend. thus Meizu M6s can merit “full-screen era”? now without wasting any further time, enjoy our Meizu M6s review.

Appearance and Design

The Meizu M6S continues to use the classic metal nano injection process in the back because the fingerprint recognition module is now integrated on one of its sides. Generating in this way that the rear metal panel does not present additional openings, resulting in greater integration. Specifically, the back shell is made with a specific type of multiple blasting sand zircon, giving it a more delicate grip. In the upper and lower zone, the Meizu regular fashion of the antenna with a “U-shaped” design continues.

The corners of the screen of the Meizu M6S come in a rounded form, it is more, the rest of the edges and corners also but in a less marked way. This feature allows the phone to gain value among competing products within the same price range. The M6S measures 15.2cm high, 7.25cm wide and 0.8cm thick; also weighs only 160grams.

Most full-screen smartphones currently on the market increase the body as much as possible to fit a larger panel. However, Meizu has tried to improve the perception by including the 18: 9 aspect ratio. Something that results in comfort and comfort when using it with one hand.

The Meizu M6S version of this analysis is black, which compared to the other different shades, has a 2.5D glass rounded on the front that feels more integrated. Now, at the top of the screen, we can see the hole in the headset and the sensor in the front camera on one side.

Currently, the design of “Fullscreen + rear fingerprint reader” has become quite common. However, Meizu wanted to be a little more original because he does not want to be “popularized” by the same thing that other companies do. This is why your first full-screen phone comes with the fingerprint recognition module on the right side. Definitely, this could be said to be a breakthrough, since they did not opt for a standard design.

In general, the Meizu M6S is a product with a quality finish and that is why it is placed at a very high level. All these benefits to a large extent from the design of the laterally mounted fingerprint sensor. Thus, its appearance, compared to other terminals at the same price, looks even more exceptional than it is.


This smart device comes equipped with an OGS screen of 5.7 inches with bevels to the minimum, which has a ratio between the sides of 18: 9. Being the first smartphone of the brand with these specifications, the fans who were waiting for this moment will be satisfied. A rough way you can say that the screen works well in virtually all aspects. It has a high brightness and contrast that allow the use of the terminal with direct sunlight; while the resolution of 1440 x 720 pixels creates a balance between a detailed image and a better than average power consumption.

At first glance, the screen of the Meizu M6S looks very clear. But turning it on gives us a very decent visual experience. Also, the slightly different approach of the Meizu M6S is noted as it is a 5.7-inch screen, but within an area in which we usually find panels of only 5.2 inches. Large screen, small in size, you can simply operate it with one hand and it will fit perfectly in your palm. And this is not the only good thing, this wonder still has much more to offer.

This brings a new interactive mode called “full screen 0.1”. Which is intended for users who need, in most cases, use the smartphone with one hand? In fact, it is believed that Meizu’s new full-screen mobile future will use a similar approach. What we can not forget is that with the M6S, Meizu has created a trend for the future.

In the era of smart devices (we do not talk about the “full screen”), the “small circle” at the bottom was widely praised by users as an interactive way. That’s why the M6S has it, which is something that is recognized due to its functionality. This comes with Super mBack features and is basically a virtual button on the screen, with a hidden pressure sensor below, which replaces the original Android navigation bar. But that if, you can change between the two at any time.Charm blue S6 evaluation: Thousands of full screen how to make a difference

The operation mode of the Super mBack of the Meizu M6s is very simple. In general, it has the following commands of use: with a touch, it is retracted, if it is left pressed it will return to Home and it can be slid towards the ends to realize multitasking; Moreover, there is a wider range of operating methods that the user can configure if he so wishes.

Hardware and performance

The Meizu M6S incorporates a six-core processor Samsung Exynos 7872 at 2.0GHz, which joins the Cortex-A53 and the Cortex-A73, which compared to the A72 core of the previous generation, has improved a lot. While the energy consumption was reduced by 20 %, which is appropriate for this price.

In addition, the Samsung Exynos 7872 is a complete network chip, regardless of the network in which the operator is using, you can use the elegant web browsing experience. In turn, it is accompanied by the Mali G71MP3 video accelerator. In order to induce much better performance and great efficiency at an affordable cost, it is also equipped with 3GB of RAM and 32GB of ROM with expansion capacity up to 64GB.

The Game Test

Regarding the performance of devices classified as “basic”, most assume that they are not good enough. However, the Meizu M6S runs mobile games, multimedia content and other popular operations, efficiently, being more than “enough”. Obviously, it cannot perform heavy or very demanding tasks and for that reason, it may not attract the attention of more people, but for its price range, it is surely one of the most powerful and will be the favorite of the users.

Antutu Benchmark Test

Specifically, during the actual experience, “wild action” was used to perform tests. What does that mean? Well, it took the terminal to the limit, using it in a very high frame rate mode. The performance of the Meizu M6S proved to be quite stable, and although there is a phenomenon of occasional delay, in general, it is relatively acceptable. When performing the Antutu scoring subtest, the final score was 90,659 points.

Camera Specs

Meizu M6S uses a 16.0MP main camera and a sensor on the front for 8.0Mselfies, both with F2.0 aperture. From the theoretical point of view, this is something relatively decent for many because it has no dual sensor or anything like that. But in reality, how does this camera work? Let’s see some samples to understand.

Camera Performance

Through testing in a well-lit environment, the photos of the Meizu M6S made a good impression, but some color shots were slightly boring or opaque. In comparison with the real scene, there were some minor variations. As for the details of the reduction of dark areas, there is a certain degree of improvement in the Meizu M6S with respect to its predecessor.

In the zoom, the performance of the Meizu M6S is quite forced, the reduction of the details of the color is seen with the naked eye. However, in the foreground of the image, the rear camera played an important role because lots of sample details were retained.

In nocturnal captures, the performance was quite surprising; even when you can see some spots and the purity is not very high, the image is very good. In general, it is also considered consistent with its modest cost.

The front sensor is of excellent quality. Combined with the ArcSoft beauty algorithm and adaptive skin care technology, the M6s produces beautiful images that highlight natural beauty with excellent resolution and detail.

Software and Connectivity

The Meizu M6S runs from the factory with the FlymeOS operating system based on Android 7.1.2 Nougat. On the other hand, it allows the use of dual SIM with standby mode with dual nano-SIM.

Other connectivity options include Wi-Fi 802.11 a / b / g / n, GPS, GLONASS, A-GPS, Bluetooth 4.0, USB Type C with OTG function, and compatibility with 3G and 4G networks. The sensors included in the phone are: magnetometer compass, proximity sensor, accelerometer, ambient light sensor, and gyroscope.

Recognition of Lateral Fingerprint

The fingerprint reader module, as mentioned before, is embedded in the right side. This is one of the biggest attractions of this new terminal and in fact, it is quite convenient. Despite making use of it at a certain angle of inclination, the sensor will still recognize the user.

What allows to hold the device with the left or right hand and find the most comfortable position. What’s more, it’s a bit sunk so you can use it even when you put the phone on a flat surface like a desk; This could also be translated into no longer having to have it necessarily lifted to unlock it. No doubt for the user the experience is a massive improvement.


The power and energy source is a lithium-ion battery, non-removable and with a capacity of 3000mAh. It guarantees up to 2-3 days of device operation and 6-7 hours of active screen time without the need to recharge it. Not only that, you can get up to 52% load in just 30 minutes.


Although the screen of the Meizu M6S is the most exposed and what most stands out frequently in the daily use; we could say that the quality of the screen does not directly determine the first impression that a product offers. However, the M6S, through the innovative interactive way of Super mBack, lets us see that it is a full-screen smartphone but it is not the same experience that you have with similar devices of the competition.

In addition, the ingenuity of the recognition of fingerprints mounted on one side is a characteristic that makes it different from the rest and a step forward. So, in summary, the new Meizu M6S is a job well “done”, original and very outstanding. Check out its coupon code below if you are interested in buy it:

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