Meizu MeiLan X2 Smartphone Real Images Leaked First Spotted


The back e-ink screen of Meizu Pro 7 is quite innovative, and offers the new human and phone interaction mode. But according to latest information, the back screen will continue to use the next model, just different in the screen shape.

It is said that they will release Mei Lan X2 smartphone, and someone has shared the live images of Meizu X2. It is obvious that the phone back adopts the round screen, which can show the time and charging state. Meanwhile, the phone adopts single camera, glass body, so we can see it will not be the flagship phone, but the Mei Lan phone.

It is coincidence that the head of Mei Lan has shown the model ‘Next Mei Lan’ on Weibo, so we can see Mei Lan new phone is coming. And from previous interview, Li Nan has said the product line of Mei Lan, in the near future, they will still use Mediatek processor, and keep balance among Qualcomm, Samsung and Mediatek. Therefore, you can try this budget version of Meizu Pro 7, Meizu X2.


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