Meizu Mirror New Smartphone Leaked Front Moonlight For Selfie-Taking


Just now, we have introduced Meizu 2017 Product lineup about its upcoming 6 smartphones next year. And this year will pass soon, they will not release the new smartphones. According to netizens, Meizu will release a new smartphone, called Meizu Mirror released at the beginning of next year.

Meizu Mirror will focus on its front camera for taking selfies, the front camera is equipped with front moonlight. According to this netizen, Meizu Mirror will have 5MP front camera with moonlight, and they have leaked the official renderings about this smartphone.  From the photo, Meizu Mirror will use 5 inch FHD IPS screen with front facing fingerprint scanner.

But right now we have no idea about Meizu Mirror exact release date and price, others guess it will be released after Chinese New year, let’s stay tuned.


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