Meizu MX6 Back and Front Design Like Meizu Pro 6 First Exposure


It’s known to us that Meizu has three product series, like Meizu MX, Meilan, and Pro. Meilan series is the one to meet the market’s demand to sell at very competitive price. Pro and MX series are for high-end market with higher quality smartphone. Right now Meizu has released Meizu pro 6 and Meizu m3s, but no new product in MX series. So when will Meizu MX6 come out?


According to the previous news that Meizu will release Meizu MX6 on July 19 in Beijing, but right now Meizu mx 6 back cover comes out first in public. It confirms Meizu MX6 will use Mediatek Helio X20 processor, its style of back cover is very similar to Meizu pro 6 with all metal body. And the place of antenna and back camera, flashlight also are similar to Meizu pro 6. What’s more, it has also released its front design of Meizu mx6 which is the Ubuntu version at 399 euro. So the design and configuration will be same as Android version to some degree. The top sensor is different from Meizu MX5, but similar to Meizu M3 Note symmetrical design, the volume button and power button will be set up on the right side, and MBack fingerprint ID at the bottom.

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As for hardware, it will be equipped with 5.5inch screen, 7.55mm thickness and 3050mAh battery, and it will have RAM 3GB ROM 32GB and RAM 4GB ROM 64GB different versions. So the price will be different. And it has 16MP back camera and 8MP front camera. It is said it will sell at 1499 yuan, almost $250, and it will be likely to add 3D force touch screen, namely, 3D press version. So the price will be improved to 1799 yuan,  $299. So what do you think of Meizu MX6?


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