Meizu MX6 Confirms Curved Screen and Flyme6 OS


A few days ago, Meizu confirms it will release Meizu Pro 6 curved screen version after three models, Meizu M3 , MEIZU M3 Note and Meizu Pro 6. Right now we also got the first news that Meizu MX6 will also use curved screen and Flyme OS which is in development. According to its CEO,  Meizu Pro 6 curved screen version is matching Flyme 6 OS and develop its shortcut keys to operate, it has obviously confirmed the new model will not be called Meizu Pro 6 Edge, so we can confirm it will be Meizu MX6.

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Meizu MX6 will adopt dual curved screen which is provided by Samsung. Moreover, it will run Flyme6 OS, and it will come the shortcut key around the phone like Samsung S7 Edge which makes us impressed much. It’s said Meizu will release this phone in the second half of this year, we guess the release time will be similar to iPhone 7. What’s more, Meizu MX6 will be powered by Samsung Exynos 8890 processor, and it is estimated to sell over 3,000 yuan.


It’s rumored Meizu MX6 will also adopt wireless charging to learn from Samsung. And Iphone 7 seems to use wireless charging soon. Therefore, wireless charging has become a tendency soon for most brands. Therefore, will you be looking forward to the second generation of wireless charge? Will Meizu release Meizu curved screen smartphone to name Meizu Pro 6 Curved or Meizu MX6?


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