Meizu MX6 Tear Down Review


Meizu has released Meizu MX6 on July 19 which is considered the new breakthrough for most smartphones in view of configuration and price. Of course, it is well-known its nice quality, so let’s see how superior Meizu MX6 is.


Meizu MX6 has been improved in its inner structure. Every Meizu MX model has brought new upgraded features in its inner structure and craftsmanship which symbolized the tendency of its flagship smartphone.


It has three-step inner structure with the extremely good typography layout advantage and it’s also the best way to take advantage of the space. With the development of smartphone hardware and the battery capacity, the smartphone’s inner storage has been compressed.The L mainboard in the past has been seen rarely.


mTouch button is one of the most obvious features of Meizu products, integrated with functions and fingerprint ID of mTouch and Flyme which makes meizu smartphones become the best user experience. And the success of mTouch has been imitated by many manufacturers.


LCD screen assembly, 5.5inch FHD Screen first uses TDDI touch screen unibody design. The general look of the screen is not as gorgeous as AMOLED screen, it doesn’t come with 3D press function, which is different from Meizu Pro 6 in its function and product positioning for various choices of customers.




On the back of LCD screen assembly is the receiver, touch screen units, lines. In the connecting part between glass panel and metal back cover, there is a circle of soft plastic material, which can have nice protection for the glass panel.


Three step design has nice advantage that it has relatively low cost for maintenance.In addition, in the layout and the components arrangement, it is much greater flexibility.


Further apart, compared the models we teared down before, Meizu MX6 has set the fixed damper in the place of front camera, optical part, relatively fixed more compact, the main board battery also have  corresponding thermal conductive materials.  Small rf line connection plate is very special.


Around the back cover part has a corresponding feed point, the main location covered with thermal conductive graphite stickers, large area of the battery is used double-sided adhesive fixed, before tearing down the battery, you need to heat, otherwise the battery is easy for deformation.


Battery has 3,000mAh capacity, typical capacity is 3060 mah,charged limit voltage 4.35V,  rated voltage of 3.8V.


Compared with common vibration unit, MX6 oscillator is fixed on the fuselage back cover, and adopts two spring contacts connected to the main board, compared with the traditional cable connection rough, more reliable.


Flexible connection line connecting the mainboard, headphone jack, Type C data/charging interface, etc.,without the traditional small plate, a high level of integration.




The traditional small panels are divided into several parts, which rf cables is more special, through feed point directly connected to the metal back cover signal overflow point.


Sound cavity part integrated with microphone and speaker, to form a whole one.


It’s a pity that meizu MX6 motherboard shield welding directly on the motherboard, it’s difficult to remove with our hands, and easy to damage. So we don’t show the chipset. The removable parts on the mainboard are two cameras.


On the back of the motherboard.It’s worthwhile to emphasize that some uses judge the good or bad by the color of main board which is not correct.


The light and the distance sensor, integrated into the motherboard.


Meizu MX6 has 12MP Sony IMX386  Sensor main camer, pixel area of 1.25 microns. According to review, the main improvement of its camera performs in its light and color saturation. The front camera has 5MP and  f / 2.0 large aperture.


Many tear down users want to meet its curiosity about Meizu MX6. So when we see it, it looks good with our naked eyes. But according to tear down, we can find the inner quality superior, worthwhile to buy.


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