Meizu MX6 vs Meizu Pro 6 Specs Exposed


Right now there is much news about Meizu MX6 and many medias have compared Meizu MX6 with Meizu Pro 6. As you know, Meizu MX series is the high-end ones, so if we want a superior phone, MX Series will be the best choice. But Meizu also released Pro series which also means the best design. So when Meizu MX6 compared with Meizu Pro 6, which one will you choose?



Meizu MX6 is said to come with 5.5inch FHD IPS screen, and Meizu Pro 6 only has 5.2inch panel, so Meizu MX6 is a little larger than Meizu Pro 6. Meizu MX6 is powered by Helio X20 Deca core 2.3GHz processor, but Meizu Pro 6 comes with Helio X25 Deca core 2.5Ghz,so Meizu Pro 6 has better processor than Meizu MX6. They both have RAM 4GB ROM 32GB, but Meizu Pro 6 has ROM 64GB version. In terms of dual camera, Meizu MX6 only has 5MP front and 12MP back camera, and Meizu PRO 6 has 21.16MP back camera and 5MP front camera. It’s rumored Meizu MX6 will have over 3000mAh battery, but Meizu pro 6 only has 2560 mAh battery. So Meizu MX6 will have longer battery life.


According to the main specs comparison, Meizu MX6 has advantages in its battery and screen, of course in selling price. It is estimated that Meizu MX6 will sell at 2290 yuan, $381, but as you know, Meizu PRO 6 sells at 2499 yuan, $416. So Meizu MX6 will be the other nice high-end smartphone to choose. Just stay tuned on July 19th.


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