Meizu Panda Hand Warmer Power Bank Officially Released at 129 yuan, $20


After one year, Meizu finally released a new power bank in their gadgets, right now there is a Meizu Hand warmer power bank spotted on its official website which is very cute and useful.

Meizu Power bank uses panda as Meizu mascot design with yellow chicken image, looking very adorable, it adopts metal shell outside the body, which claims the excellent hand holding and heat conduction. It has intelligent temperature control which can maintain 50 ℃ constant temperature to let you keep your hand warm any time.

As for specs, it is common to others, Meizu Power bank is built in 4,500mAh battery with 5V/1A charging speed, and its USB port is located at the bottom with rubber plug to protect.And it is equipped with short circuit protection, over voltage protection, overcharge protection, over-current protection, temperature protection, and other functions, according to serious test, such as testing it under 45℃ and -10℃ environment to work over 72 hours, there is no problem with this meizu power bank.

Right now there are a lot of power banks, but Meizu as a famous brand,we believe this Meizu Power bank will not let us down, right now it will start to sell until January 8 at 129 yuan, $20.
Update: you can use the coupon code: GB9% to enjoy it at $25.38.


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