Meizu Pro 6 Plus with Exynos 8890 Processor Will Come out on Nov.30 Probably


Although this month the role of Meizu press conference is Meizu X and and Flyme 6 OS, but the rumors about Meizu Pro 6 Plus powered by Samsung Exynos 8890 processor has never stopped. Recently, a netizen @Mocha has leaked the news that on November 30 it will be the last concert this year, but it still uses Helio chipset which hints that Meizu with Samsung platform will be not released this year. But he also claims that if there is miracle, this smartphone will be possible to be released this year, but it will not use dual curved design.


But more important news is that Meizu Pro 6 Plus will use flat screen instead of dual curved screen, meanwhile, there is news from factories on Weibo, Meizu has placed the order from the factory, it will be Meizu Pro series, and it must use Exynos 8890 processor. Because this year Meizu Pro 6 series all are produced by the Megafone factory, and the model M686 and M686G have got 3C certification which are produced by Megafone company, but they don’t support netcom function. So we speculate that Meizu Pro 6 Plus with Exynos 8890  will come out together with Meizu X.


Although this netizen has deleted this post on weibo soon, the rumor of Meizu Pro 6 plus released at the end of this month has not ended. For example, from the invitation of MEIZU, ‘Make 6 great again’, because Flyme 6 has not been released before, it doesn’t make sense about ‘Again’, therefore, the meaning of the slogan on the invitation should be to make Pro 6 great again. It will be Meizu Pro 6 Plus. In other words, Meizu has hinted in the invitation card that Meizu Pro 6 Plus will come out with Flyme 6 together on November 30.



Previously, Meizu M96 smartphone has been unveiled by Antutu Benchmark, it is considered to be Meizu Pro 6 Plus, besides equipped with Samsung Exynos 8890, it will have 2K screen resolution, RAM 4GB ROM 32GB internal storage, 5MP front and 12MP back camera. In addition, it will have RAM 6GB ROM 64GB combination.As for price, Meizu Pro 6 Plus 4GB will sell at 2,799 yuan, $466, and RAM 6GB version at 3,099 yuan, $516, but all of news have not confirmed by official, and there is other news that Meizu will have concert on December 20, stay tuned.


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