Meizu Pro 6 Ubuntu Midori Smartphone Exposed


Meizu has released two Ubuntu smartphones so far, they are Meizu MX4 and Meizu Pro 5 accordingly which are highly popular with Ubuntu fans. And there is other great news that Meizu is ready to release the new Ubuntu smartphone.


Richard S as Omgbuntu reader has submitted a BUG report, the model 1551811 points to two devices, one is Meizu MX4 and the other Midori smartphone. Why is Midori related to Meizu? According the previous news, Meizu MX4 has Arale code, and Pro 5 , Turbo which are from the roles or markers in the Japanese cartoonist, and Midori Norimaki is also from Dr. SLUMP and Doll, which has similarity to the Meizu MX4.


Meanwhile, the software engineer Tony Espy in Canonical has leaked that there will be new smartphone in OTA12, So will this smartphone be Midori or Pro 6 or Meizu Meilan series?


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