Meizu Pro 6S VS Xiaomi MI Note 2 Full Review(Coupon Included)


Recently, Xiaomi and Meizu both released their own flagship smartphone such as Xiaomi MI Note 2 and Meizu Pro 6s, they have similar price, and caused the fierce discussion between MI fans and Meizu fans. So which is better? Today we will compare them step by step to let you know how to make wise choice.


According to specs comparison, Xiaomi MI Note 2 seems more highlights especially 3D curved screen, Snapdragon 821 processor, etc, but Meizu Pro 6s highlight is the 3D press display function, and cheaper price. As for variants, Xiaomi MI Note 2 has 4GB, 6GB, and the other global version, three versions. Therefore, in terms of specs, Meizu Pro 6s is similar to Xiaomi MI Note 2 in specs and price, we will compare their standard version.



In design, Meizu Pro 5s aims at small screen, but MI Note 2 for large screen, so they have obvious difference in screen size, and the material, design style, etc.


Xiaomi MI Note  uses 3D Dual curved glass and metal frame with jet black, glacier silver two colors, the front design is equipped with 3D curved screen and narrow frame, there is a semi-circular fingerprint scanner on its Home button, dual curved screen and front fingerprint scanner have become the most highlights of this smartphone.


In the back, Xiaomi mi note 2 also uses 3D curved screen, dual 3D symmetrical design and metal frame with nice grip touching and visual effect. The disadvantage is the glass material which is a little fragile, so we need to take care every day.


Meizu Pro 6S continues the design of Meizu Pro 6 and adds the popular black color, there is little difference between Meizu Pro 6s and Meizu MX6, they are similar over 99%, Meizu Pro 6s has ripe design with 2.5D curved screen on the front design and narrow frame, there is fingerprint scanner on the home button under the screen as usual.


On the back, Meizu Pro 6s uses curved antenna design which is similar to iPhone 7, and is the first to use this kind of antenna design in smartphone with simple back design, higher metal to body ratio.


In all, Xiaomi MI Note has made big innovation compared with previous models in dual 3D curved screen, front fingerprint scanner but Meizu still uses its the previous design.


In screen, Meizu Pro 6s has some difference from Xiaomi MI Note 2, although they both are 1080P screen resolution, Meizu Pro 6s has 5.2inch 1080P screen, MI Note 2 has 5.7inch 1080P screen. Xiaomi MI Note 2 is equipped with 3D curved screen with better front visual effect, Meizu Pro 6s still adopts traditional flat screen, so in screen experience, Xiaomi MI Note 2 is more outstanding.

As for performance, the core hardware of a smartphone is the processor and storage. Xiaomi MI Note 2 standard version has same internal storage as Meizu Pro 6s. So the difference should perform in their processor. Let’s see their Antutu test scores.


Meizu PRO 6S Antutu


MI Note 2 Antutu

According to performance, Xiaomi MI Note 2 is 45k points higher than Meizu Pro 6s, so the advantage is obvious, especially android flagship smartphones almost all use Qualcomm processor.

Camera, Battery, Conclusion

In the aspect of camera, Meizu Pro 6s uses the similar one to Meizu MX6 but adding some new photographing algorithm, so the camera experience has been improved. Mi Note 2 is powered by Sony new sensor with 8MP front and 23MP back camera to support OIS, camera specs is a little higher than Meizu Pro 6s.


In battery, Xiaomi MI Note 2 is built in 4070mAh battery, which is 1000mAh larger than Meizu Pro 6s with 3060mAh battery, but due to smaller screen of Meizu Pro 6s, so they will have no big difference in battery life, which can both support up to 2 days for daily use.


Meizu Pro 6s 3D Press

In OS, MIUI and Flyme OS are both the famous ROM, they have also have no big difference in OS experience.

As for other features, Meizu Pro 6s is equipped with 3D press function similar to iPhone 6s with 3D touch, but it is not quite important function, the satisfactions from users can not compare with MI Note 2.


In conclusion, Xiaomi MI Note 2 can get 9 points in 10 points totally, but Meizu Pro 6s can only win 6 points, as for competence, Xiaomi MI Note 2 is more competitive.

Shopping Advice

Right now according to brief introduction between Xiaomi MI Note 2 and Meizu Pro 6s, we believe you must have the answer in your mind. In terms of comprehensive performance, Xiaomi MI Note 2 is more attractive than Meizu Pro 6s, not only in dual curved screen, powerful hardware, excellent camera experience, etc. But Meizu Pro 6s still uses old design which makes us not acceptable.

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Meizu Pro 6S at $560.99

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