Meizu Pro 7 Dual Curved Screen Rendering Spotted


Previously, we know Meizu Pro 7 will use dual curved screen, although Meizu CEO, Huang Zhang pursues the ultimate grip feeling on Meizu Pro 6s, many smartphone manufacturers including Xiaomi and Vivo have already used dual curved screen, so Meizu will use dual curved screen on the series of Pro only takes time.


Today, a netizen has exposed the renderings about Meizu Pro 7, in terms of the overall design with beauty, its semi-round Home button and dual curved screen are the perfect match. But there are some doubtful points on these renderings, first in the white version, there is no front camera and sensor,  but in terms of the current smartphone producing technology, they can’t hide two sensors under the white panel perfectly. So these renderings may be designed by netizens. But according to Meizu design language, Meizu Pro 7 should have no big difference to the real version in design.



In addition, they have also provided real photos about Meizu Pro 7, due to lack of reliability, we have to wait for more news to confirm, stay tuned.


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