Meizu Pro 7 first renders


According to an official press release Meizu have announced the Meizu MX6 will be released on July 19 as planned.The Meizu MX6 will be the focus this year for Meizu, however a lot of Meizu fans want to know what is happening with the Meizu Pro series. Much to the delight of Meizu fans, A leak by an unknown source via a weibo post released a render of the new Meizu Pro 7 to satisfy those fans desperate to receive some information. 0dcb5bc05761419999a92a0883c35b55The photos leaked online of the device, we have to say the device does look beautiful and elegant. It appears that Meizu Pro 7 looks nothing like it predecessor the Pro 6. Meizu Pro 7 back is similar to the Samsung Galaxy S7 glass shell, with 3d round edge technology to the edge of the device, the design has been tested on the Galaxy S7 with good holding feeling.  The back of the Meizu Pro 7 has a simple look,Apart from the Camera, Flash and the Meizu logo, nothing else is visible.72c6003590f44c9eac5bd89e701e335b
Meizu have not responded to the leaked renders, so the authenticity cannot be verified but on face value the company does look like they have been hard at work and as mentioned earlier it does look like a flagship phone. The leaked renders of the Meizu Pro 7 have been very well received, so if these are the real deal we dont think it will take Meizu long to confirm the pictures are authentic.


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