Meizu Pro 7 vs Xiaomi MI6 Preview, Which One is Better?


Next year, Xiaomi and Meizu will release their own flagship smartphones, Xiaomi MI6 and Meizu Pro 7, but which one is better? It’s known to all that Meizu is not outstanding in its processor, because they can’t use Qualcomm and Hisilicon processor, only adopting Samsung and Mediatek. Meizu Pro 7 will be first to use Helio X30 processor and Xiaomi MI6 will first use Snapdragon 835 processor in 2017, so which one is better? Let’s know the main difference between Meizu Pro 7 and Xiaomi MI6.

Meizu Pro 7 will be powered by the latest Helio X30, and it will come out before Chinese New year, Helio X30 is the first one to use 10nm Helio X30 processor, which only is used on flagship smartphone, and it can offer the faster flash technology standard. It’s said that Helio X30 processor will also use deca core architecture. And it is the first time to use ARM Cortex-A73 core, equipped with the brand new PowerVR 7XTP-MT4 chipset, and it can support RAM 8GB and UFS2.1 storage. A73 is the latest chipset, there are only two processor to use A73 architecture, they are Kirin 960 and Snapdragon 653. The latest architecture uses 10nm, which means Helio X30 will be the powerful performance with better power consumption. So helio X30 will aim at the high-end market. Meizu PRO 7 will be the first one to use it.

As for Xiaomi MI6, it will be powered by Snapdragon 835 processor, equipped with 4xLPDDR4x, supporting 4G+ network, 600Mbps downloading speed to the maximum and VoLTE techonlogy. Xiaomi MI6 will also use USB Type C port, supporting NFC function for payment of Bus, subway, etc. Xiaomi MI6 will use Sony 20MP back camera with 4 axis OIS, supporting transverse, longitudinal, roll forward, and other directions correction, PDAF, it has 4MP front camera with better selfies-taking. It will be built in 4,000mAh battery to support QC4.0.

Therefore, the main difference between Meizu Pro 7 and Xiaomi MI6 is that the former will be famous for the appearance, the latter attaches more importance to price and performance. They both can reflect different designing idea. Meizu Pro 7 will be better for those enjoying better appearance, but Xiaomi MI6 will be more suitable for those game players.


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