Meizu Pro 7 Will Be More Beautiful than Renderings Confirmed by Meizu Official


Since Xiaomi released Xiaomi MI Mix smartphone with large screen, different kinds of manufacturers purse high screen to body ratio, including LG G6, Samsung Galaxy S8, etc. These smartphones are famous for large screen to body ratio, of course, with the technology developing, the larger screen to body ratio has become a tendency.

Meizu has released many models last year, this year they start to slow down to release more smartphones. For example, it has released Meizu E2 smartphone with unique LED design previously. After all it is not real flagship, so it has not hit the market.

Meizu has decided to make the press conference as the theme, salute to classic again, it is said that Meizu will cooperate with Nokia to release Flyme 6 OS compatible with Nokia 6. and they will also release Meizu Pro 7 this Summer, recently, a fan from Russia can’t wait this flagship, and makes two renderings of Meizu Pro 7 with Metal and glass material, looking very amazing.

But this renderings have attracted Jeffery Yang, Meizu Vice CEO, and he also replied with appreciation about their passion. And he also confirmed Meizu Pro 7 will be more beautiful and elegant than renderings, and it has good holding feeling.

Whether Meizu Pro 7 uses full screen or not, we have no idea, as for processor, many fans are worried about it. but according to previous news, although Meizu has fixed the relationship with Qualcomm, in terms of time, Meizu Pro 7 will not use Qualcomm processor possibly. Will it use Exynos 8895 processor? Although we haven’t known the exact news, we still hope Meizu will make some innovation about its next flagship.




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