Meizu Pro 7 Will Use Snapdragon 835 Octa Core Processor?


This year Meizu has released two press conference continuously. And Meizu vice CEO, Li Nan has once complained about Helio P10 processor, and he said if they released Helio P10 smartphone, Meizu will almost fall down, Meizu Meilan E2 has upgraded to use Helio P20 processor. How about Meizu Pro 7?

Mediatek and Meizu are good partner, and this year, most of Meizu smartphones will use Mediatek processor again. Because even Meizu Pro 7 or Meizu MX7 use Snapdragon processor, Xiaomi has also been in trouble with the stock issue of Qualcomm, Meizu has to wait for the mass production of Snapdragon 835 to use on their flagship smartphone, Meizu Pro 7, even if Qualcomm releases Snapdragon 660 processor soon, it will be used on OPPO and VIVO. Considering the stock of this three manufacturers,  Meizu may finally use Helio X30 processor on Meizu Pro 7.

In fact, Mediatek sales will be down on the large scale in domestic cities this year, because Chinese two famous brand, OPPO and Vivo tend to get rid of Mediatek chipsets, and cooperate with Qualcomm, so Mediatek sales will depend on Meizu largely.

After all Meizu smartphone has used Mediatek processors most excellently, couple with Flyme OS, it will bring nice experience. Meizu and Mediatek can get win win situation, So Meizu is the only one not to depend on Qualcomm processor, but on Mediatek chipsets to help Meizu greatly. So do you think Meizu Pro 7 will use Snadpragon 835 processor or Helio X30?


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