Meizu Released The World’s First 40W Supercharger: Priced at $42.69


Meizu held a new winter new product launch conference, which brought the world’s first 40W semiconductor refrigeration magnetic supercharger.

The product is called Meizu PANDAER 40W Miao Magnetic Ice Energy Superchargeable Back Armor, which integrates wonderful magnetic, cooling and charging trinity. The price is 299 yuan, and the limited time crowdfunding price is 269 yuan.

Meizu PANDAER 40W Miao Magnetic Ice Energy Super Charge Back Armor not only supports Meizu 40W fast wireless super charging, Meizu 27W wireless fast charging, but also compatible with mainstream Qi protocol and Apple wireless charging.

The ingenious magnetic suction design brings a new experience that fits together, supporting Meizu Magic suction and Apple magnetic suction. The powerful magnet array is more evenly distributed on the overall module, allowing it to fit tightly with the device while avoiding interference with the charging coil.

The innovative penetrating Wave fin design is integrated with the colorful metal body. The 16-layer aluminum fins are matched with the detachable frosted air duct cabin, which not only highlights the visual layering but also improves the heat dissipation capacity.

FROZEN semiconductor refrigeration technology is used to cool the hardcore of the mobile phone, and the surface temperature can be reduced by 20°C at the fastest in 1 minute.

Through the triple intelligent distribution of charging, cooling, and fans, the fast air cooling of up to 6000 rpm is intelligently scheduled for the scene, which is cooler than wired. The back armor is available in three colors: Nightingale, Frozen Ginza, and Platinum Unicorn.

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