Meizu S M741A and M741Y New Photos First Unveil


Although right now we don’t have any news about when Meizu is holding new press conference to release new smartphones, with Meilan new phone, M741A and M741Y have got 3C certification, there are new rumors about Meizu new phones. Currently, a netizen on Weibo claims that Meizu new smartphone may call Meizu S or Meizu E Pro, and they may use micro-gap antenna line, and it is the first time to be equipped with dual rear camera, and Helio P25 processor, it is said they will be released in April.

Right now Meizu M741A and M741Y two models have got 3C certification, and it shows to support 18W quick charge technology, the power adapter is same as that of Meizu E, there are some real photos about them, there is no difference from other models, all have semi-circular home button, the main difference is on the left side of receiver it has added one sensor, due to no real photos leaked about the back design, we have no idea about its micro-gap antenna design.

It is worthwhile to know that Meizu will release new products in April, it has confirmed to be Meilan series, meanwhile, it will be the first time to use dual rear camera, and it should be powered by Helio P25 processor, but according to Meizu sales shop, Meilan will not have new phone with dual camera, but there will be two versions, one is 5.2 inch, the other is 5.7 inch, however, from the comparison between Meizu new phone and Moto Z, it should be equipped with 5.5 inch touch screen, dual rear camera probably.

According to product line leaked before, Meizu M741A and M741Y new smartphone will be Meizu S probably, because this smartphone will be powered by Helio P25 processor, improving to dual rear camera, and optimizing power consumption and multi-media function. Let’s stay tuned.


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