Meizu Smartwatch officially Announced: Equipped With Flyme For Watch


Flyme’s cumulative users exceeded 100 million. Thanks for each one in one hundred million. From June 23 to June 25, Flyme announced that it will unlock surprises every day and give everyone the exclusive benefits of Flyme’s eighth anniversary. The first surprise announced yesterday is that in addition to the Meizu 17 series, Flyme based on Android 10 will be adapted to 10 models. Flyme based on Android 10 will be recruited for internal testing from June 23, and the first internal testing version will be officially launched on July 21. Meizu Flyme official micro announced: ” Smart visual design and intimate interactive experience should not only be on the mobile phone. Flyme for Meizu Smartwatch, see you in Q4 2020. ​​” 

In the warm-up poster, we can see the outline of a watch, which looks relatively thin and light. Meizu smartwatch official announcement: equipped with Flyme for Watch Meizu smartwatch official announcement: equipped with Flyme for Watch

In fact, in the lower-left corner of the poster of Meizu celebrating the 8th anniversary of the birth of the Flyme system, there was a silhouette of a watch with a square screen.

Before Meizu released a light smartwatch called MIX, priced at 999 yuan, but the shape is round, and more like a quartz watch. It has multiple intelligent designs such as call reminders, activity tracking, and automatic time adjustment.

Why should Meizu do Flyme for Watch? On the one hand, 5G is the era of AIoT. The ecology based on Flyme is conducive to enhancing the synergy between products. From the Meizu company level, AIoT is a strategic direction, an opportunity, and a challenge. From a user perspective, a perfect ecosystem is more Helps to increase the stickiness of users.

On the other hand, starting in 2019 to streamline the mobile phone product line, after returning to high-end, there is only one mobile phone product in 2020-Meizu 17, under the single flagship strategy, a richer ecological product line means more diverse business Mode, for Meizu at this stage, this is a choice under the opportunity.

Earlier at the 618 Meizu Planting Conference, the official had revealed that: Meizu smart home and smart wearable products are already being planned, and there is a chance to go online in the second half of the year.

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Meizu is gradually establishing an IoT ecosystem centered on smartphones and radiating to smart homes and wearable devices; from the sentence copy of Flyme for Watch, it is speculated that Flyme will serve as a link to break the gap between devices and devices. The future may be More diverse product types will be launched.


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