Meizu SmartWatch Real Design First Leaked


It’s known to us that Meizu has released Meizu M3E smartphone at 1299 yuan, $200, which can compete with those phone over 3000 yuan, $500. We also heard a lot rumor about Meizu Smart watch before, so the next action about Meizu is to announce this first smart watch of Meizu to compete with Xiaomi, Huawei, Letv, etc.


Earlier before, Meizu smart home has hinted on Weibo to release Meizu smart watch, but there is much uncertain factor about its design, specs, release date, price and so on. When we guess much about it, there is someone leaking a photo about Meizu smartwatch with its logo today. It looks like a mechanic watch in view of its back. It adopts metal material, it is also equipped with button, leather strap,  it looks a little common as a whole.But we found the logo of the smart watch in the middle seems has been PS by netizens. So it needs to prove its reality.


Anyway, since Meizu M3E released, Meizu will be busy with its sale and the next new product promotion. It’s said Meizu will release a high-end smartphone this year which will come with dual curved screen to kill Xiaomi Mi note 2. So there will be much amazing news about Meizu smart watch and new high-end phone.



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