Meizu Tablet PC is Coming


In June, Meizu tablet pc and Meizu smartwatch has registered on Weibo officially, right now Meizu Tablet PC has not been released, but the fans has increased to 10,000 people. So Meizu fans are very looking forward to seeing it.


Right now Meizu light smartwatch has gone public, in Meizu shop, they have expanded its product line such as Meizu Backpack, environmental smart protector, WIFI router, Bluetooth sports earphone, Headphone, power bank, smartwatch, so next they will release Meizu tablet pc, right now the concept tablet has been on list on ZOL website, therefore, only Meizu tablet pc is a mystery for us. As you know, Meizu is the best rival of Xiaomi. They will also produce more smart products in its Meizu smart home.


Besides Meizu Tablet PC, what are you expecting for more in Meizu smart home? We believe Meizu will leak more news about it. Just stay tuned.


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