Meizu Travel Bag Officially Releases at 199 yuan, $33


Since Meizu Backpack released, over 100,000 young users choose this practical and casual backpack, but the backpack can meet the needs for over one-week travel. So Meizu has released a Travel bag. Currently it starts crowdfunding in JD online, selling at 199 yuan, $33, the original price is 269 yuan, $44.

According ot official, Meizu Travel bag adopts quite simple style, One-piece cutting craft, it has 66.5×39.5x19cm dimensions, only 0.8kg weight, as light as a mineral water, it has 38L capacity, using Oxford fabric material  and PVC material at the bottom. It is covered layer of anti-water, anti-scratch, No washing and no fading.

In addition, Meizu Travel bag has designed humanized style in details, It adopts metal custom fastener, the lifting suitable for your skin and handle box design. It is said that Meizu travel bag collects the fund at 50,000 yuan, then they got successful crowdfunding, and it will be shipped in 30 days.


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