Meizu TV BOX Will Sell at 299 yuan, $50


Earlier before,  Meizu has officially announced its OS for the next coming products such as Meizu TV and Meizu tablet pc. Right now there is latest news coming about Meizu TV BOX, a netizen has leaked the price of Meizu TV BOX, and claimed that this product is under test, and it will have a price tag of 299 yuan, $50.


What’s more, Meizu TV BOX has been got approval by 3C certification previously, and it is said it will be produced by Baoan sub-factory of Shenzhen Skyworth Digital technology co.,LTD which has confirmed its existence. In addition, Meizu has held Flyme 2016 press communication on October 17 to show Flyme for TV version and Flyme for Tab version to hint that Meizu will release Meizu TV BOX later.


According to the leaker, he can be very sure about the price of 299 yuan, $50 for Meizu TV BOX, because Xiaomi Mi TV Box 3 sells it 249 yuan, $41 and Xiaomi Mi TV Box 3 Pro at 399 yuan, $66, so Meizu TV BOX will set up this kind of price at 299 yuan, $50 which will be reasonable. Just stay tuned.


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