Meizu X2 Smartphone Will Use Snapdragon 650 Processor and Full Screen


This year is the one to use full screen for almost all of smartphone manufacturers, with Xiaomi, VIVO, Nubia and other Chinese phone manufacturers all using bezel-less screen, Meizu just use e-ink screen on the back to compete with them, but we believe most users are waiting for their bezel-less phone. Today Mei Lan has leaked a phone on Geekbench with many highlights.

This phone is Meizu M5X as model name, it has got 1409 points in single core, 3,795 points in multi-core, it has RAM 3GB,  and it is powered by Snapdragon 650  Hexa core processor 1.65GHz, it is said it calls Meizu MX2, which will be the first bezel-less phone of Meizu.

It is worthwhile to know that Meizu MX2 will be the first 18:9 full view display phone, and previously netizens leaked the new meizu bezel-less phone may call Meizu MX2, using Snapdragon 660 or Exynos 7 series processor, right now it proves it exists.

Currently there is no much news about Meizu MX2, but it even uses Qualcomm chipset, will bezel-less screen be far?  This phone will meet most fans’ needs, stay tuned.

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