MEPS SZ2306 vs. SZ2207 FPV Brushless Motor Comparison Review


When it comes to selecting the ideal motor for a 5-inch freestyle drone or a 5-inch racing drone, two options that stand out are the MEPS SZ2306 and the MEPS SZ2207 FPV Brushless Motors. Both motors offer impressive performance and reliability, making them popular choices among drone enthusiasts. However, they do have notable differences that set them apart. In this comparison, we will explore the key features and specifications of the MEPS SZ2306 and the SZ2207 FPV Brushless Motor to help you make an informed decision based on your specific needs and preferences.


The SZ2306 and MEPS SZ2207 FPV brushless motors have several notable differences. The SZ2306 features a CT4-reinforced titanium alloy shaft and N52SH arc magnets, which not only increase efficiency but also shorten the motor response time, resulting in smooth operation. Additionally, the use of high-quality 6082 aluminum alloy and precision CNC processing technology in its construction ensures a lighter weight, meeting the requirement for ultra-lightweight applications. The SZ2306 also boasts remarkable durability thanks to its tough and sleek Unibell covering design.

On the other hand, the MEPS SZ2207 motor is designed to be light and quick, utilizing aluminum alloy 6082 and a CT4-reinforced titanium alloy shaft to enhance its propulsion and speed. It also incorporates N52SH arc magnets known for their excellent balance and high stability. Moreover, the motor features 12.9-grade hexagon socket screws, providing strong impact resistance and stability.


The MEPS SZ2306 and SZ2207 are both high-performance brushless motors designed for FPV flying. The SZ2306 is specifically tailored for freestyle flying; offering a balance of power and stability that allows pilots to push their limits. Its innovative design features a uni-bell covering for remarkable durability and low cogging torque, ensuring optimal performance and aesthetics. The SZ2306 undergoes individual pre-factory testing, guaranteeing quality and reliability; and it provides a smooth and responsive flying experience thanks to its super dynamic balance control. With three KV options available (1750, 1950, and 2450), users can choose the ideal combination for their preferred flying style; matching different batteries and propellers.

On the other hand, the MEPS SZ2207 is built for durability and impact resistance; incorporating N52SH arc magnets and 12.9-grade hexagon socket screws for excellent balance and stability. Its propulsion design enhances agility and offers extreme corner shifting speed; making it suitable for both straight-line speeding and corner maneuvering. The SZ2207 is specially designed for professional FPV racing; catering to the demanding environment and the racers’ need for precise control. Similar to the SZ2306; it also provides three KV options (1750, 1950, and 2750) to accommodate various flying styles, matching batteries and propellers accordingly.


Overall, both motors offer impressive performance and options for customization. The MEPS SZ2306 is focused on freestyle flying with its power and stability, while the MEPS SZ2207 excels in professional racing scenarios with its durability and precise control. Choosing between the two will depend on the specific preferences and requirements of the pilot; including flying style, desired performance, and environmental conditions.


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