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“Introduction MGCOOL Smartband 3”

When it comes to cheap and affordable smart bands, Xiaomi Mi Band 2 easily comes to mind. But the Mi Band 2 has some problems. Due to the fact that demand for this band is very high, it is usually sold out and even if you get it, it will be for a significantly higher price because of its scarcity. Nevertheless, a very reliable alternative currently available. and now I have a chance to test new MGCOOL Band 3 I’m talking about the MGCOOL Smartband 3 packs the same features and even more, as well as a slightly higher specification. MGCOOL Band 3 Smart Band is a device that makes you live healthier and smarter lifestyle. It helps to monitor basic physical indicators such as the quality of sleep that you know that your body conditions better. It tracks steps and shows you As you pile up against your daily goals. Besides, you can share your data on Facebook and Twitter, which may encourage you and your friends to do exercise and arouse interest in the sport.and today I have a chance to test this amazing MGCool Smartband 3. check it out everything in this review.

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The main characteristic that distinguishes the MGCOOL Band 3 from its competitors is its ability to continuously monitor the heart rate, as opposed to a measurement made only when we activate this possibility in our smart band. This constant flow of information, in conjunction with its accelerometer, its optical sensor, and its advanced algorithms, makes the MGCOOL Band 3 can develop a personalized exercise plan that will help you control your fitness activities easily and correctly.The main attraction of the MGCOOL Band 3 is the ability to automatically and continuously monitor heart rate with the help of advanced optical sensor and algorithms. The band is designed in such a way that to keep track of the heart rate instantly.

Another advantage of this smartband against its competitors is its improved wrist gesture detection system, which allows us to activate it with just lifting it but that MGCOOL Band 3 – The definitive rival for the My Band 2 also minimizes false positives in the Posting steps. Which, by the way, is not the only thing that you can count on, since the MGCOOL Band 3 carries the control of the distance traveled, the calories burned and the route traced (this last one we will be able to see in your app.) And eye: not only on land but also on the water, since its IP68 protection makes it submersible up to 60 meters.


The appearance of the box was much more solid design inside. Absolutely did not like the plastic insert, which housed my brand new bracelet. The first impression about the competitiveness of watches with watches from another manufacturer for such a cost is doubtful.The box is also a small one, and inside the Smartband and the user manual, we find a rather weird charging cable. It is not a metallic one, it is attached by a hook, the contact is made through the 3 pins, the load is fast and can be done via the cable connected to the PC, in the sales package we do not find a dedicated loader.

From the packaging of light confusion, the manufacturer did not pay much attention to it. And from the bracelet only positive emotions. it is very stylish. Although it is called a fitness bracelet, thanks to the strap, it looks solid, it is a definitely sporty way. Looks great with a strict suit and easily fits into a graceful feminine Personality.

“The Technical Specifications OF MGCOOL Smartband 3:

Built-in chip type: NRF51822
Bluetooth Version: Bluetooth 4.0
ROM: 256K
Waterproof: Yes
IP rating: IP67
Functions: Bluetooth calling: Caller’s name display, Phone call reminder
Messaging: Message reminder
Health tracker: Heart rate monitor, Sedentary reminder, Sleep monitor
Notification: Yes
Notification type: Facebook, QQ, Twitter, Weibo, WhatsApp
Alert type: Vibration
Locking screen : 3
Screen: OLED
Screen resolution: 64 x 48
Screen size: 0.66 inch
Operating mode: Touch Key
Battery Type of battery: Lithium-ion polymer battery
Battery Capacity: 105mAh
Charging Time: About 2hours
Standby time: 10 ‘ 30 days
General People: Female table, Male table
Dial and Band Shape of the dial: Rectangle
Case material: Plastic
Band material: Silicone
Features: Compatible OS: Android, IOS
Compatability: Android 4.4 or above and iOS 8.0 or above
Language: French,German,Italian,Japanese,Korean,Portuguese,Russian,Simplified Chinese,Spanish,Thai,Traditional Chinese
Weight and Size Dial size: 4.2 x 2.42 x 1.1 cm
Band size: 24.8 x 2.42 cm
Product size (L x W x H): 24.80 x 2.42 x 1.10 cm / 9.76 x 0.95 x 0.43 inches
Package size (L x W x H): 12.60 x 8.60 x 3.10 cm / 4.96 x 3.39 x 1.22 inches
Product weight: 0.0250 kg
Package weight: 0.1250 kg

What we are trying to express is that most people on diet are now undergoing excessive workout. But with MGCOOL Band 3, which shows real-time information, I Can be able to work out scientifically and effectively. The MGCool SmartBand 3 will be equipped with features to measure scientific parameters, which is vital for the maintenance of proper health.

“Design & Display”

They display is indeed a crucial aspect when it comes to watches. The manufacturers are imposed with the challenge of giving more when all they have is less. With a limited screen size, the display has to be still crystal clear and perfect! It gives you all the necessary information with just one touch.Yes, we read that right! It tracks your heart rate with the help of an advanced optical sensor and unique algorithms. All you have to do is wear the band and it will automatically start monitoring your heart rate.

All these Smartband have in common a series of functions that help make sports activities and exercise easier to carry, recording and monitoring different parameters of your body. Today we will present a brief review of the new MGCOOL Band 3, a Smartband with a very striking and stylized design.This new Smartband comes to try to improve the record obtained by its predecessor, the MGCOOL Band 2 that was a resounding success last year. So, as we can see, it has a very good base, even many believe that this model could easily compete in the market with Apple Watch 3 since, in the performance/price ratio, the Chinese brand is much higher.

Sports bands have become extremely popular and effectively replace the usual watches, allowing you to not only check the current time and date but also burn calories, distance, and even heart rate. The MGCool SmartBand 3 is especially useful for active people who care about their health and physical condition. MGCOOL manufactures inexpensive and good sports bands and The MGCool SmartBand 3 model has all the functionalities we could wish for and it looks great and wears it comfortably.

The strap of the Smartband is 24.8 cm long by 2.42 cm thick and hypoallergenic silicone, so contact with the skin will not be uncomfortable, even after or during physical activity. The dial is made of plastic and has a fairly modern rectangular shape so you will hardly notice that you have a Wearable on your wrist.

It Have an attractive, striking and stylized design, which has a strap with dimensions of 24.8 cm long, 2.42 cm thick and is finished in hypoallergenic silicone that will not be uncomfortable in contact with our skin or give reaction due to sweat, the box is made of resistant plastic and has a rectangular shape with measures of 4.2 x 2.42 x 1.1 cm, and a total weight of 25 grams, so we will hardly notice that we wear it on the wrist. This quantification bracelet is suitable for all types of sports and is IP67 certified so that it is resistant to dust and water, and we can use it both for swimming and for doing all kinds of sports without worrying about whether it will be damaged by sweat.


The 0.66-inch touchscreen is obviously not large, but it’s made of OLED technology and is therefore always clear and readable, even in full light. With the accelerometer, you can wake up your hand and do not have to touch the screen to activate it. This is extremely convenient and we have found this feature predominantly in more expensive smartphones, such as the Xiaomi brand, so a great plus for MGCOOL that it introduced it in this device.

For many people it is also important to waterproof, allowing you not only to wash your hands in the armband, or even take a shower with you, but also to swim. The device is protected from water and dust, but certainly not dive – the water pressure could damage the electronics inside.When it comes to design, we have a modern sporty look, without metal parts and leather straps. Instead, the strap is made of soft silicone which does not irritate and is neutral to the skin and can be replaced if it is damaged. The rectangular display brings to mind the screen of the phone and fits into the casual or sporty outfit.


Among the many functions available at MGCOOL Band 3 are the pedometer, the daily number of steps (the suggested number is 10,000 daily), the distance traveled, the calories burned. There is even a route trace, which requires, however, applications and works on the basis of GPS measurements from the phone the band itself does not have a navigation system.


As a fitness monitor, we have a pulse monitor, which collects data from the sensor on the bottom of the wristbands envelope, which is in contact with the wrist. The difference with other sports models is the use of continuous cardiac monitoring applications, measured by pulse rate measurements at regular intervals. This allows you to check the daily cycle, indicating the hours in which the pulse was above or below normal. This is a function that is very useful for people to practice and allows you to customize your training plan to maximum efficiency. The designers also took care of the connection to popular fitness programs and can also send data to Google Fit, Apple Health and to the little-known Chinese Wechat We run.

Sports bands have become extremely popular and effectively replace the usual watches, allowing you to not only check the current time and date but also burn calories, distance, and even heart rate. The MGCool SmartBand 3 is especially useful for active people who care about their health and physical condition. MGCOOL manufactures inexpensive and good sports bands and The MGCool SmartBand 3 model has all the functionalities we could wish for and it looks great and wears it comfortably.

The great MGCOOL Band 3 has various functions and thanks to its algorithms together with a wonderful advanced optical sensor, it is able to automatically and continuously monitor your heart rate, steps, distance traveled and calories burned, with excellent accuracy. All these functions are essential for sports activities, as well as for monitoring the health of your body when executing them.What we are trying to express is that most people on diet are now undergoing excessive workout. But with our upcoming MGCOOL Band 3, which shows real-time information, he or she will be able to work out scientifically and effectively. The Band 3 will be equipped with features to measure scientific parameters, which is vital for the maintenance of proper health.

In case I can do not move for a long period of time, the MGCOOL Band 3 will send you a warning to change your sedentary habits. This Smartband will also notify you through notifications if there is action on your social network accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, among others. The alert type is vibrational, as well as you can see the name of the person who calls or sends a message to your smartphone.

“With APP”

These are the main features, the MGCool Band 3 bracelet can be connected to any Bluetooth-enabled phone and works only with it, synchronization is done in real time, so the user will need to download the official application found on Google Play, a firmware update can also be made with the application.The MGCool Band 3 Smartband has no physical buttons, it can be controlled with a capacitive button at the bottom of the screen, just by tapping through the menus, and with a long press, various functions are activated, they can be activated directly from the application on your mobile phone.

MGCOOL Band 3 can be connected to an Android or iOS phone and display incoming messages from applications, SMS, and calls. If you are in a meeting and you have a muted phone, the vibration cuff will alert you of the upcoming call. Finally, here’s a classic sleep monitor feature – based on how you roll over in bed, it looks at how you sleep at night, and you have access to those data later in the app.

The MGCOOL Band 3 is able to record sleep patterns at night, whether deep or light. The data collected by the application will help you to evaluate the sleep pattern improving the quality of it. It also has a programmable alarm for any eventuality, so you can be sure that you will not forget those important events that are sometimes overlooked due to day-to-day occupations.


Internally we have an integrated chip NRF51822, simple and barely enough to meet the minimum requirements of the Smartband. It has 32Kb of RAM and 256Kb of ROM, so we can forget to store any type of information inside. This band was designed for purely sporting purposes, and to preserve its price, it is obvious that the manufacturer did not risk placing components that would expand its functions. However, it must be said that for them, it has a pretty good performance.


Thanks to its 105 mAh battery, this wonderful Wearable is capable of delivering a 20-day usage time, a pretty good average time. To charge it, it will only be necessary to connect the USB cable (included in the package) to any device with power. This Smartband has Bluetooth 4.0 and is compatible with Android 4.4 and iOS 8.0 or higher.

The contacts miraculously coincided with the first time. The battery icon appears on the screen. While charging, the watch is resting, the options menu is not active, however, when the call comes in, the Smartband vibrates. Clothespin ‘ the order to me was to my taste, I’m afraid of the usual magnetic charge, but the clothespin is strong, the size covers the capsule, tightly fixes the band head in the charging socket, and the risk of remaining uncharged is minimal.

“Verdict & Availability”

MGCOOL Band 3 is a great gift idea for active people who care about form. It actually contains all the most useful fitness functions and it looks modern. If we add that it is to buy at a sensational price, this little gadget has no flaws and can compete with more expensive, flagship smartphones.

It is a pity that the manufacturer did not find it necessary to take care of it: the pasted characteristics and a plastic insert create the impression of a cheap Chinese thing. However, the bracelet compensates for any negative. Very stylish design. Excellent fit in my everyday life as an integral part of time control, and as a fashion accessory. The bracelet is positioned as a fitness bracelet, but to be honest, I do not plan to go in for sports with this, for this purpose I choose another bracelet, not because he is better, but because this one is on shore.

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    the smartband is good, but the application wearfit 2.0 does not allow to enable notification of other applications, there is only the notification of Facebook, QQ, Twitter, Weibo, WhatsApp, WeChat, there is no way to have notification, other apps like telegram, instagram. .. etc.

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