Mi Notebook Air will be VR Ready claims Xiaomi


Sun Peng, director of product planning of Xiaomi, said at the micro-Bo, “Look at the reviews a lot of people want this game, he also wanted to come one slim hope not, but it must be VR Ready, How much better?”


Is this showing that we have really a VR Ready Notebook from Xiaomi? In order to have a VR ready Notebook, the NVIDIA standard configuration says, at least 8GB RAM, Intel Core i5, GTX 970 or more processors and graphics cards. This is very close to the configuration announced at the 13.3 inch Notebook ( Intel Core i5-6200U “Skylake-U” CPU (dual core, with basic frequency 2.3GHz, reaching in turbo mode 2.7GHz) and a NVIDIA GeForce 940MX GPU (with 1GB GDDR5 RAM)). Will this configuration is enough for a VR Ready Notebook and they mention to us the settings needed by Nvidia!?


Many people ask at which price it will come at their country. Till now there is no official announcement for international shipping, but we have seen the 13.3 inch Notebook to surf out in some places at a price close to 900$.

If they manage to give the specs needed for these, then they would be able to beat Apple and would be able to make a huge market in the PC Master Race.

So are you excited now for the new Mi Notebook Air!?


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