Mibro X1 Review – 38 Sport Modes Smartwatch at $54.99 From Banggood


With the Mibro X1, a new smartwatch from the Xiaomi ecosystem is now available. The model should also be suitable for swimming and has an AMOLED display. The X1 is a new smartwatch from the no longer completely unknown and part of the Xiaomi ecosystem – and also financed by Xiaomi – manufacturer Mibro.


The case of the Mibro X1 smartwatch is made of a zinc alloy and plastic, the diameter of the watch is 47 millimeters. The 11.4 millimeter thick watch should weigh around 52 grams and be able to withstand water up to a pressure of 5 ATM. The X1 obviously pays special attention to the display. This measures 1.3 inches and thanks to AMOLED technology should offer a particularly lively display. The resolution is 360 x 360 pixels. Touch inputs are supported, plus buttons.

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Apart from the AMOLED display, Mibro delivers more standard food with the Mibro X1. There is no GNSS module for location or a mobile phone connection; instead, only an acceleration sensor and an optical sensor for measuring the heart rate are installed. According to the manufacturer, this can also be used to measure and record the oxygen saturation of the blood. As usual, the recording of everyday activity and, in particular, the number of steps taken is supported. According to the manufacturer, the smartwatch can also be used as a simple stopwatch and comes with its own pocket calculator. The camera and music playback of a paired smartphone can be controlled. Mibro puts the runtime of the 350 mAh battery in standby at up to 60 days, with typical use it should be a good two weeks.

The Mibro X1’s smart functions record steps, sleep, speed, heart rate, activities and blood oxygen saturation. All data can be analyzed on the smartphone with an app and the results can be used to optimize a healthy, active everyday life. Apple iOS and Google Android are compatible with the watch. A stopwatch and calculator are available. The smartphone’s camera can be controlled with the smartwatch and music playback can be used.


With the Mibro X1 smartwatch,  you will stay in shape all year round. Keep track of your activity every day, whether it’s steps, distance, or calories burned. You can buy it from Banggood at $54.99 in Flash Sale for a limited time.


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