Microsoft Launches Xbox Cloud Gaming


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Microsoft Achievement

Its outstanding hardware products are Xbox Game Consoles. Microsoft is one of the largest tech corporations in the world, and it sits at No. 21 in the 2020 fortune 500 rankings. It is considered one of the top five companies alongside Facebook, Amazon, Google, and Apple in the US. The Xbox game console was the first video game console introduced in America in the 21st century. It sold millions of units at the beginning of the century. Microsoft introduced Xbox 360, Xbox One, Xbox Series, and Xbox Series S in subsequent years.

Over the years, the introduction of new consoles from Microsoft has shown a massive upgrade in features, universality, functions, and efficiency. They are not done yet with the upgrade. Now and then, the team thinks of new ways to making the gaming experience the best it can become. It also includes the ease of gaming, on-the-go gaming, portability, multi-dimensional experience, etc. The latest news is that Microsoft is bringing cloud gaming services to Xbox consoles in the latter part of the year.

Benefits of the Cloud

The company made an official announcement concerning this some time ago. If you wonder what this new update is all about, cloud gaming services allow players to stream online games rather than download and install them on a device. Have you ever wondered how much time and money it takes to download a game on your device before accessing it? Now, imagine that stress is replaced with the ability to stream these games directly online. Technology continues to get better every day.

The video gaming industry experienced one of the best years in 2020 when the pandemic came around. The pandemic restricted people from stepping out of their homes which made people resort to in-house entertainment. However, restrictions are not as strict as before, but it is predicted that the momentum of the gaming experience continues the same way.

It is said that this new update will be available on the Xbox Series, Xbox Series S, and the older versions of the Xbox One consoles. The service is already available on mobile devices on web browsers. This update is about to make the following holidays of worldwide gamers to be the best yet.

Main Goals of Creating the Gaming Cloud

Technological giants worldwide, especially in the US, such as Amazon, Apple, etc., have been tirelessly building a future of video gaming beyond consoles. It is when subscription services will play a more significant role in enabling people to play games online. For now, Microsoft still has a lot of effort to make their hardware better than before. But also, they are focusing on introducing a subscription service that grants players access to online games.

A cloud gaming service, where gaming is hosted on servers, is a big project on Microsoft’s plan. The goal is to make the Microsoft space accessible to multiple gamers that use different devices. Currently, Microsoft has the cloud gaming feature on mobile phones and computers, but they plan to bring it to consoles. It would increase the number of players that enjoy the game since it is available for streaming.

Aside from that, they also plan to launch cloud gaming on Televisions. They plan on achieving this by partnering with the manufacturers of these TVs and the streaming-enabling devices. The release window for cloud gaming on consoles was supposed to be unveiled at a trade fair in Cologne, Germany, in 2020. Still, it had to be done virtually due to the Coronavirus pandemic that affected humanity.

Microsoft vs Sony

Sony is a Japanese rival to Microsoft in gaming services on consoles. They are also introducing subscription services to their gaming devices to allow multiplayer online gaming access for PlayStation gamers. But Sony is focusing mainly on providing exclusive games to attract people towards their brand. For example, some games are only available on PlayStation, so you have to buy PlayStation before accessing these games.

This has prompted Microsoft to invest aggressively into blockbuster content recently. Microsoft is working on some exclusive franchises that would be available for Xbox alone. The cloud gaming feature will make Microsoft introduce a library of games accessed via the cloud. Some insiders even referred to the new Xbox program as the ‘Netflix of games. Xbox lovers are about to have a great gaming ride!

Famous Games Included to the Cloud

These are some of the games to expect on the Xbox cloud gaming service:

  • Batman: Arkham Knight
  • Call of the Sea
  • Crackdown 13
  • Cricket 19
  • Desperados 3
  • Greedfall
  • Injustice 2
  • Madden NFL 20
  • MotoGP 20
  • NBA 2K21
  • Oblivion
  • The Outer Worlds
  • Zombie Army 4: Dead war, and many more.

Features of Future Xbox Cloud Gaming

These are the features to expect from the Xbox cloud gaming on consoles:

  • Remote multiplayer access;
  • Access to a library of games via the cloud;
  • Ability to play games without installation on devices;
  • Subscription plans for gamers that want unlimited access;
  • Access to free games, trials, and demos, etc.

On the consoles, you will know if a particular title is compatible with the cloud-gaming feature when you see a cloud icon next to it in the library. The cloud gaming feature will prompt video games providers to design the cloud-compatible variants of their games. It also opens doors for suppliers that design only cloud-gaming compatible games to burst into the console market.


The plan to launch cloud gaming on TVs will improve the video gaming experience in so many homes today. You can imagine how surreal it will be when you are playing the NBA 2K21 game on a 64-inch flat-screen TV without having to connect it to a console. It will be phenomenal!


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